Thursday, October 15, 2020

Foshan Nanhai "City Brain" appeared at the Digital China Construction Summit, demonstrating the technological innovation capabilities of the digital economy

 From October 12th to 14th, the 3rd Digital China Construction Summit was held. During the summit, the organizer simultaneously held the China Construction Achievements Exhibition. As the only representative of the prefecture-level city in Guangdong Province at this summit, Foshan has meticulously built a 240-square-meter "Digital Foshan" exhibition area.

As a pathfinder for the integration of urban and rural development through digitalization, Nanhai District also systematically presented the construction results of "Digital South China Sea" at the exhibition. In the exhibition in Foshan, South China Sea, South China Sea set "brain city", Nanhai District, Big Data Industry Association, Foshan City, the number of letter word Simulation Technology Research Institute, government services and other self-service area four booths, the system introduces the South China Sea "Digital Government" And the experience and practice of smart city construction.

Realize the holistic perception of urban and rural areas, and build a digital governance hub and empowerment platform

The "urban brain" displayed this time is the most eye-catching achievement of Nanhai in the field of smart city construction in recent years. At the end of 2018, Nanhai launched the construction of the "urban brain", based on the idea of ​​urban and rural co-construction, co-governance and sharing, and through the integration of information, business, and technology, to achieve a unified map of all basic data, and build the overall situation, economic development, human settlements, and government affairs. Service, Social Governance and Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone have 20 topics in six sectors, bringing together 82 units, more than 4,000 data tables, and over 3.465 billion pieces of data to create a unified digital governance center and empowerment platform for the entire region.

According to reports, the first phase of the Nanhai "Urban Brain" has been put into use, allowing Nanhai to realize the whole range of urban and rural perception and governance "knowledge in mind". As the “digital base” of the Smart City in the South China Sea, the second phase of the City Brain will start with the construction of new infrastructure projects such as 5G, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and big data centers to build a “1+3+N” framework system, namely : Form a set of unified management standards, build the three-level brains of districts, towns (streets), and villages (communities), and create N new application scenarios. Through real-time data sharing and big data analysis, explore co-construction, co-governance, and sharing Modern city management. The second phase of Nanhai "Urban Brain" will also optimize and upgrade the digital cockpit, access applications such as smart environmental protection, smart medical care, and smart housing construction to enhance government governance and service capabilities.

Deepen the reform of government services and optimize the experience of enterprises and the public

Nanhai's government service reform practice is also presented in this exhibition. As an important part of the construction of "digital government", Nanhai optimized and improved the experience and efficiency of government services based on the computing power of the "urban brain". It was the first in China to cancel the receipt window of district-level service halls, and build on the original basis. 552 district-level items were decentralized again, and the implementation items of the towns and streets increased to 1,345. Government service resources were allocated to the towns and streets, giving them more administrative approval autonomy, and further enhancing the grass-roots service capabilities.

In addition, Nanhai has further deepened the reform of the engineering construction approval system, re-exploiting the potential from the pre-project implementation process, realizing the entire process of engineering construction project network management, applying electronic signatures to 100% of the approval process, and innovatively launching the reform of "simulation approval" to promote major projects The approval time has been greatly shortened, and the enterprise project has achieved "land acquisition and construction", which has been highly recognized by the enterprise.

Promoting intelligent approval is one of Nanhai's ways to optimize government services. At this exhibition, the government service smart counter was also unveiled. As the main carrier of intelligent approval, the intelligent counter integrates advanced technologies such as Internet+, big data analysis, and blockchain, breaking the manual service mode of a single window, allowing the masses to " easy to declare , fill in less orders, and pay less in the process of doing things." Material and second certificate issuance" to enhance the sense of working experience.

In recent years, Nanhai has successfully implemented cross-city administration of government services and the Bay Area through the deployment of smart counters in cities in the Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong and Macau.

Empower the construction of smart cities and introduce scientific research platforms to foster digital economy

As a key scientific research platform for the development of "digital government" and digital economy in Foshan and Nanhai, Foshan Guoxin Digital Simulation Technology Research Institute also appeared in this exhibition.

In June 2019, Foshan Guoxin Digital Simulation Technology Research Institute officially settled in Nanhai, Foshan, providing new support for the integration of local industries and digital economy. Focusing on the two key areas of digital government and digital industry, the Institute focuses on the extensive integration of resources from all parties in the digital economy and comprehensive services for digital government decision-making.

The Institute participated in the hosting of large-scale events such as the “Guangdong Province Urban-Rural Integration Development Reform and Innovation Pilot Zone Digital Governance Work Promotion Meeting”, and actively expanded service areas with partner units, and extensively invited well-known domestic and foreign experts, think tanks, and leading representatives to guide various Digital economy innovation activities gather in Foshan to assist in the creation of collaborative innovation development of industry, university and research, and inject innovative thinking and scientific research resources into the development of local digital economy.

At the booth of Nanhai District Big Data Industry Association, Nanhai's practice of cultivating digital economy was also systematically displayed. According to reports, the association currently has 93 registered member companies, mainly engaged in network IT, 5G, blockchain, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, a total of 58 companies, accounting for more than half of the association’s companies, member companies’ products or services Covers smart government affairs, smart environmental protection, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, etc.

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