Saturday, November 28, 2020

51WORLD CEO Li Yi: Less than 1% of digital twin application scenarios have been developed

 "Digital twins will become one of the new types of infrastructure."

Today, 51WORLD, a digital twin platform company, launched the Earth Clone Project 4 (EC4) in Shenzhen, released the latest AES 2021 digital twin platform-level products and WDP developer ecology 2.0, and demonstrated dozens of landing cases on the spot.

Li Yi, the founder and CEO of 51WORLD, said that the platform-level digital twin product AES (All E lem ent Scene) 2021 released this time has five major values: super-scale real-time rendering, massive resource dynamic scheduling, and digital asset parallelism. generation, visual and physical science real, spatial encoding high scalability.

Specifically, AES 2021 supports super-large city clusters, super-large-scale seamless scaling, and even has global-scale restoration capabilities; in terms of accuracy, AES 2021 supports centimeter-level restoration and 4K rendering. At the same time, AES 2021 supports human-vehicle dynamic simulation and a new dynamic weather system, which can fully and dynamically synchronize real-world data, trajectories and even physical mechanisms.

The developer platform 2.0 released this time includes the super interface (SuperAPI 3.3.0), visual editing component (WDT 2.0), real-time cloud rendering platform (Cloud 5.0) and dynamic simulation converter (DST 1.0). These tools are now fully open to developers from all walks of life.

Li Yi mentioned that 51WORLD will open up the capabilities of AES all-element scenarios in the future and achieve full platformization in 2023. By then, digital twins will truly become one of the new infrastructures for all walks of life.

Of course, Li Yi mentioned that at present, only less than 1% of the digital twin application scenarios have been developed, but the digital twin technology is of great value to the past, present and future. For example, in the past, digital twins can accumulate data, realize business closed loops, and help customers analyze and improve; for the present, digital twins can realize global perception, intelligent operation and control, and real-time scheduling; for the future, digital twins can play an analog deduction , The key role of simulation prediction and decision-making assistance.

According to 51WORLD, their core product AES (All Element Scene) is divided into five levels, AES1-AES5, according to the data source, use environment, and fineness of the scene. The higher the level, the more accurate the restoration of the 3D scene. High (from meter level to sub-meter level), the closer to reality. Currently, AES1 and AES2 are mainly used for city-level macro applications, AES3 is used for park and building pre-level applications, and AES4 and AES5 are used for road simulation, driverless simulation and AI training.

Currently, 51WORLD's digital twin technology has been applied in Beijing, Chongqing, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Xiong'an New District and other places. For example, Nanjing Jiangbei New District CBD Smart City Command Center, Shenzhen Mawan Smart Port, Yunnan Sanhu Smart Lake Management Platform, Shenzhen Futian Central District Project Smart Transportation 3D Visualization Platform, and Huawei Park Smart Operation Center.

Even though the application is widely used, Li Yi once said that 51WORLD has three "not to do". First, do not collect any data sources and focus on data fusion processing; second, do not do total integration services, focus on the core products of all-element scenarios; third, do not do vertical industry applications alone, but combine Joint development with ecological partners.

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