Sunday, November 8, 2020

The world's largest liquid-cooled data center creates the most technological double 11 in history

 Commercial AI and basic technological innovation will be applied on a large scale in 2020 Double 11.

On November 3, at the Alibaba Double 11 Technical Communication Conference, Alibaba Group Chief Technology Officer Cheng Li announced the top ten cutting-edge technologies that will be used on a large scale for 2020 Double 11, including the official logistics robot Xiaomandu, and support for 214 Real-time translation of live broadcasts in multiple languages, a liquid-cooled data center that saves 70 million kilowatt-hours of electricity a year, and a fully cloud-native Ali core system...both native business innovation based on digital technology, and basic technological breakthroughs that lead the times. 2020 Double 11 will become the most technologically-content double 11 in history.

Among the top ten cutting-edge technologies, commercial AI has gone deep into production, shopping and consumption, and logistics and distribution, making Double 11 this year become intelligent. In the manufacturing process, "Industrial Vision AI" has been launched in many textile and garment factories, which can automatically complete the quality inspection of the entire production process of raw materials, grey fabrics, finished fabrics, and ready-to-wear garments, down to defects as small as one-tenth of the diameter of a hair. Both can be accurately identified, the identification accuracy rate is more than 90%, far exceeding the human level, the efficiency is greatly increased by 5 times, and the double 11 production and manufacturing speed is promoted.

In the shopping and consumption link, Ali realized the world’s first multi-language “live real-time translation”, without fear of the noisy environment, non-standard accents, and colloquial language styles in e-commerce live broadcasts. Alibaba AI translates Chinese e-commerce live broadcasts into real-time Multiple foreign languages, up to 214 languages ​​are supported, helping users worldwide to overcome language barriers.

In the logistics and distribution link, the "logistics robot Xiaomanlu", who was born less than two months old, officially started business, leading 22 logistics robots into the Zijingang campus of Zhejiang University and undertaking the door-to-door service of more than 30,000 packages from the Cainiao Station of Zhejiang University. As a result, Zhejiang University has become the first university in the world to deliver goods exclusively by robots, and robots have become a reality to take over logistics.

In addition, "virtual anchors" replace real people in Taobao live broadcast rooms, can listen to talk, dance, and Rap. "Ali Voice Robot " allows tens of millions of viewers to interact with the anchor in real time, 20 times faster than Siri. "Accessible shopping technology" helps visually impaired people to shop with their ears, and the accuracy of image information recognition exceeds 99%. Alibaba has also built a "cognitive intelligence engine", including the world's largest e-commerce knowledge map of over 2 billion products. Technology creates new business forms, and Double 11 has become a big stage for large-scale application of new technologies.

In addition to commercial AI, basic technological innovations are also being applied on a large scale during Double 11 2020. Alibaba's core system is fully cloud-native this year, making Double 11 this year the world's largest cloud-native practice. According to reports, cloud native can greatly improve resource utilization efficiency and delivery efficiency. In the past four years, the cost of the Double 11 transaction system has dropped by 80%, and the efficiency of R&D, operation and maintenance has increased by more than 10% on average.

In terms of cloud infrastructure supporting Double 11, Black Technology’s “liquid-cooled data center” was launched on a large scale this year. The world’s largest liquid-cooled data center, Alibaba Cloud Hangzhou Data Center, will face Double 11, with servers immersed in special coolant for heat dissipation. There is no need for air-conditioning or fans throughout the whole process, and the overall energy saving is over 70%, which can save 70 million kWh of electricity a year. The "Operation and Maintenance Robot Skyscanner" officially launched the data center, which can automatically inspect and handle failures. The data center is about to enter the unattended era.

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