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Monday, November 23, 2020

Bitcoin mining reappears prosperity, digital currency concept stocks rise

 Bitcoin bull market is coming again? Is it a new starting point for the digital currency industry, or a repeat of the 2017 bubble?

On Wednesday, the price of Bitcoin broke through $18,000. According to Coin Gecko's data, its market value has set a new record of US$336 billion.

This is also the first time the price of Bitcoin has exceeded $18,000 since the end of 2017. Although it soon fell below this threshold, it is still at a historical high. As of press time, Bitcoin's latest offer is $1,7996.5. According to analysts at Deutsche Bank, Bitcoin has only five trading days in history to close above $17,000.

Since the beginning of October, Bitcoin has risen rapidly and the price has risen by about 70%.

And this round of Bitcoin's hot market has also driven the rise of digital currency concept stocks .

On Thursday, Canaan Technology , the world's second-largest manufacturer of bitcoin mining machines and listed on Nasdaq , surged 8.72% . On Friday morning, Zhongjia Bochuang , which is mainly engaged in the maintenance of communication networks, had a daily limit shortly after the opening , or the rise in Bitcoin may be beneficial to the expansion of its computer room maintenance business. SVA Express participated in the central bank's digital currency ATM free convertibility research and development project, and it has also risen by 2.21% in the past five days.

While Bitcoin's momentum is breaking through, central banks' enthusiasm for digital currencies continues to rise .

According to an IBM report, in 2019, 73% of central banks around the world expressed support for central bank digital currencies, and 38% of central banks are actively exploring and experimenting with blockchain technology. According to data from the Bank for International Settlements, as of July this year, at least 36 central banks around the world have issued digital currency plans , and legal digital currencies in China and other countries have begun small-scale pilot projects Recently, Goldman Sachs predicted in a research report that the total annual payment of legal digital currency in China in the next ten years will reach 19 trillion yuan , accounting for 15% of total consumer payments.

It is foreseeable that countries in the world will launch more and more channels for digital currency compliance. With the steady development of blockchain technology, the proportion of digital currencies included in the mainstream asset allocation will also be pushed up. The market can continue to pay attention to digital currency-related companies, especially core companies that are closely related to technology research and development.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Air coin trader dictated: renting a luxury house, pitting school girls, I cut leeks and made 20 million yuan

 After the project ended, I paid off millions of debts, and I also had an extra string of Buddhist beads in my hand.

Blockchain and virtual currency have rewritten the lives of many people.

Some people lose money and lose their fortunes because of this, while others are free and "get to the pinnacle of life."

Tokens, crowdfunding, white papers, exchanges...the constantly scrolling numbers on the screen, and the endless heated discussions in group chats all confirm human nature's most primitive greed for money and wealth.

People work hard to sniff and perceive the new trend of market changes, but they forget that they often lead to traps before getting rich.

Bloody and cruel is the consistent background color of capital games.

The microscopy story in this issue is personally told by an air coin trader:

In the BOX33 project he participated in, how did he choose the "leek" crowd, rent luxurious office buildings in the city center, decorate the clubhouse, and introduce the king into the urn, and then cut them down when they were most greedy.

After the end of the project, the trader achieved a comeback in his life. He not only paid off the millions of debts he owed, but also had a string of Buddhist beads in his hands.

The following is the true story about him:

Text | MacKenzie McAvoy

Edit | Yuanyi, Qinghuai

Embarking on the "road of no return" for debt

On the eve of college graduation, I lost millions in bitcoin fry

I graduated from the finance department of a certain three universities. If I take the conventional path, I can only move bricks in the job market.

I don't want to live a life that is poor and tired, and I don't see a way out. I take the initiative to find opportunities to make quick money when I go to school.

In the past few years, I have done various project promotion, such as POS cash-out, campus loan, face-scanning payment, etc., slowly, I also met some so-called "financial bigwigs".

Those "big guys" are doing innocent activities, but often improper is the fastest way to get money.

Seeing that they bought a house and car in just a few years, and went in and out of high-end clubs at will, I dreamed of being like them: doing a few "projects" and making a lot of money.

The first opportunity came in the second half of 2017. That year I was in my senior year and the price of Bitcoin saw its first round of surge: from $3,000 to nearly $20,000, an increase of 634%.

I have a hunch that the opportunity to get rich is here!

At that time, mainstream virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum had risen to tens of thousands of RMB each, which was a huge sum of money for students.

It would be too risky for me to enter the market alone, so I joined a few classmates who are usually keen on stocks to share the cost and risk.

In the early stage, we did make money. The money we made in one or two months can match the income of fresh graduates in one or two years.

The authorities are fascinated, and we, who were dazzled by huge profits, did not believe that the money was made by luck. It was a bull market at that time. As long as our brains are online and our eyes are closed, we can make money.

From my heart, I believe that I have excellent skills and feel that the virtual currency market has only technical aspects and almost no fundamentals.

What's more, we are students majoring in finance and have natural advantages. Looking at the K-line and Bollinger channel operation, coupled with the already smooth market, it is simply a fish in water.

Seeing the continuous growth of the assets in the account, I have begun to plan for the future. I plan to make a lifetime of money before the age of 25, then wash my hands and retire, and play games and drink for the rest of my life.

In order to make a few big votes before the end of the bull market, we put all the money earned into the market.

With the addition of off-site funds and underground bank loans, a total of one million yuan has been raised and 20 times leverage has been applied.

Figure | Transaction records at the time

The past gains have made us confident, but also blinded our eyes, allowing us to selectively ignore risks.

In February 2018, Bitcoin plummeted to US$7,000, and the bull market was over. We suddenly became high-ranking players.

If the short order was closed at that time, some losses could be recovered, but we still had the illusion that it would rise back later, and watched the account be forced to liquidate, and the principal lost everything.

So far, not only did I fail to achieve financial freedom before graduation, but I also had millions of foreign debts.

It is good for young people to have ideals

But there is no need to have trouble with money

The currency circle is cold, and I have to raise money from other places to pay off the debt.

I roughly calculate it. I have to earn at least RMB 30,000 per month to reach the minimum repayment amount. Otherwise, I will face violent collection and my family will be implicated.

With my education and background, it is impossible to find a white-collar job with such a high income, but I really want to be a courier brother, and I don’t think it's face.

More importantly, I have boasted several times in front of my classmates and friends, saying that I have made a lot of money by doing finance.

If I let them know that I did something wrong, I would never be able to look up in front of them.

After thinking about it, there is still a lot of oil and water in the gray industry, and the possibility of a turnaround is high. If you really want to pay off the debt, you have to start with this.

At this time, the boss who took me to do the cash-out project of POS machine happened to approach me, saying that he had taken a fancy to the leek field of blockchain and was preparing to make a new virtual currency (token) project.

Figure | Screenshot of the project at the time

As soon as I looked at the project introduction, I knew that it was a pretense to scam money, but it was just a well-packaged fund disk.

Although the campus loan I used to do is not glamorous, I can at least convince myself that people who borrow money are voluntary, and there is no wickedness.

Selling tokens is intended to defraud other people's money. The two are completely different in nature. For a while, it is difficult for me to cross the barrier of conscience.

But the boss only used a few words, so I quickly " wanted ".

He said: "In today's society, either you earn others, or others earn you. There is no need for young people to struggle with money."

I thought about it, people who have no money can hardly move forward. This society laughs at the poor but not at the prostitution. With money, most of the troubles are no longer troubles.

Although the project in front of me lacks morals, the commission is high, and I have experience. It is simply a road to wealth tailored for me. The desire for wealth has flooded in and once again defeated morality.

I advise myself, isn't it the same with stock market makers?

In the financial market, you love me, I can only blame myself for being deceived. It's not wrong to deceive people, it's wrong to be caught. As long as I plan carefully, I won't be caught.

I became a partner in the token project.

There are countless opportunities to be a bastard in a person’s life

I just grabbed one of them

Our token projects are mainly located in second- and third-tier cities in Guangdong. All I have to do is to convince investors to buy our tokens and get a commission.

We packaged this project into a "financial product" similar to a fund. There are 50 preparatory phases, one per day, with a steady increase of 1.7% per period.

Although it doesn't sound high, if you make a full position from the first period , the final yield can be as high as 85%, which can double.

Figure | "Wealth management products" will undergo 50 phases of preparations

Moreover, we claim that this token will eventually be listed on a virtual currency exchange.

I explained to my clients that we always use the analogy of stocks as new stocks. New stocks will almost certainly rise at the opening of the market. If you subscribe for it, you will earn a profit. The listing of virtual currency is also a steady profit.

People who know this statement will know that it is untenable.

First of all, new stocks have also plummeted. Second, the virtual currency market mechanism is far less complete than the stock market. The price of virtual currency can be said to be unsafe.

But the person who will issue such a question is not our target customer.

The design idea of ​​the entire project is that it looks tall at first, but after a little pondering, you will find loopholes everywhere.

The white paper seems to be quite pretentious, but it is actually copied directly from another scam project, even the name is not changed much, as long as you search on the Internet, you will find the flaws;

The video of the project founder’s speech on the official website only invited a foreigner to read a manuscript before the green screen. It doesn’t even know the grammar, and the so-called Australian headquarters does not exist;

The company also rented a two-story office building next to the city's most prosperous business district, nearly 200 square meters. The outer floor has just been renovated and looks impressive, but the rent is very cheap.

We packaged this area into a "clubhouse" where customers can use the purchased tokens to consume in the clubhouse. Coffee, wine, and light meals are all available. At first glance, it looks like that.

In fact, red wine with a price tag of several hundred yuan is nothing more than a supermarket product with a torn label and a bright "VDT (table wine)" logo.

The coffee was bought on Taobao, and 19.9 yuan a pound also included free shipping. After entering the clubhouse, it became a high-end coffee for 4 to 50 yuan.

We also packed a few cars and announced to the public that we are planning to launch online car-hailing services in the future, which can only be paid with project tokens.

In fact, these cars are all private cars of employees and bosses. They are just affixed with the project logo and will not actually go out to take orders.

We deliberately made the traces sufficiently obvious so that experts can be excluded. People who know the trade have a little bit of patience and connections, and it is troublesome to gather together to defend their rights.

Figure | Screenshot of my circle of friends at the time

Only those who don't understand anything, have nowhere to avenge justice if they are cheated, they are excellent materials for leeks.

We are recruiting sales came from the bottom, there are people in urgent need of money, someone wants to make a career change fate, in short, regard the money as a top priority .

Their social circle covers students and practitioners in the service industry. Their income is less than the tax threshold, and they have little exposure to financial products. They are our target customers.

There is a part of my client is the same school mentees - although our high school tuition, but students family in general, there are usually anxious to make money, or to repay student loans money, or support their parents.

This kind of urgency can easily cause them to lose their minds in high-return projects, and it is easy to get the bait when they see the influential white papers and the credit endorsements of seniors.

Figure | Our project Box33 official website

We also set up a distribution system to allow customers to invite new members, and the layers of fission will accumulate more money.

With the advancement of the first phase of the project, the day for the project party to harvest leeks is getting closer.

Although I repeatedly brainwashed myself, sometimes I was a little bit unbearable to see my younger brothers and sisters being taken into the pit step by step.

On the eve of the token landing on the exchange, a younger sister invited me to a birthday party on her birthday.

I know that she put all her savings into the project and pulled me down several times. Her mood was a bit complicated. She could only drink one cup after another, and she quickly became drunk.

In my drunken eyes, I heard the younger sister gratefully reminisce about the past that I took her to do projects to make extra money, and finally couldn't help but say her heart's words through the wine:

"The follow-up operation of the listing is a bit complicated, and you have no experience, you may lose money. Now you have made a little money, it is better to withdraw early."

In fact, in order to avoid risks, the project party reserved a small fund from the beginning. In the middle and later stages, if someone sees something wrong, they will use the fund to buy back the tokens in their hands.

At the same time, clearing people out is equivalent to giving a hush fee, so as not to cause other people to be alert.

This is the only chance for Leek to retreat.

As for whether the school girl seized this opportunity to go ashore, I can't control it. After all, I still have to keep my performance.

Not long after the birthday party, the project party fulfilled its promise on time and went public on a well-known virtual currency exchange. However, it was not on the main board, but a sub-platform under the exchange.

Almost all on this platform are air coins and capital plates. Looking at the huge amount, it is actually no different from Mingbi.

The project party originally planned to withdraw after the increase to 400%. Unexpectedly, the operation was too fierce. After the opening of the market, the increase was about 100% every day, and the highest increase was as high as 2200%. The goal was exceeded and a small number of retail investors were successfully locked in a high position.

The first batch of investors to profit up to 4070%, even on the block chain line industry headlines.

Figure | A blockchain website, not related to this article

The active members of my "consortium" are clamoring to buy me a drink in the clubhouse, thanking me for taking them to make a lot of money, and some people are starting to worry about how to spend such a huge fortune.

The "investor" I was more impressed with was a hairdresser. At first he invested only a small amount of spare money. Later, he was overwhelmed by the income on the book. He took the wedding house and car he bought at home as mortgage, and all went into the project. in.

After the token was listed, he suddenly became a "millionaire", and he showed off in the group every day from morning to night: to buy a new house in the city center, change a new car, and embark on the peak of life.

But until he finished viewing the house and testing the car, the tokens in the virtual account could not be transferred.

Figure | Screenshot of Consortium Group Chat

We tell investors that if selling is allowed now, it will cause retail investors to trample and the price of tokens will fall. Although this explanation does not follow the preface, but the clumsy professional terms still bluff them.

During this period, the project team completed the cash out and was ready to run away.

The high price in the initial stage of the token listing was speculated, and there was no trading volume at all. After the project party’s funds withdrew, the token price plummeted by 6150%, which was lower than the first phase of the preparatory stage.

Some people in the "consortium" are unwilling to wake up, believing that this is only a short-term price correction caused by technical problems of the project party. Once the price returns to the peak in the future, they will become big dealers.

Some people even stepped up to meet the difficulties and took advantage of the opportunity to "buy the bottom", and our account continued to add tens of thousands of dollars.

Figure | The rare "understanding" in the group at that time

As time passed and the token price dropped to close to zero, their fantasy was finally shattered by reality.

The barber's house was confiscated by the court. He was forced to run away by the loan shark himself. Before he left, he was still in the group crying sorry for his parents and shouldn't believe my human face.

Figure | People in the group realize that the wealth dream is shattered

I told myself that the 85% of the project’s promised early return and the exchange listing have been achieved. I have never guaranteed the price after the listing, nor have I guaranteed that the tokens on the investor’s account can be sold in time.

Before the project went public, there were already overwhelming articles exposing us, and even unfamiliar people turned to the "consortium" group.

He chose to ignore it himself. Who can blame it?

The total revenue of the entire project is conservatively estimated to be no less than 20 million yuan-this does not include the income from cutting leeks on the exchange.

Although compared with the project party, I can only take a sip of soup at most, but this sip of soup is enough for me to pay off several million yuan in debt within 3 months and move from the village in the city to a high-rise apartment in the city center. , The project team’s record speaks for itself.

Figure | When leeks want to withdraw tokens, most of them are already in a "rejected" state

When this batch of leeks was making trouble, the project team changed the office early and people went to empty buildings.

However, the boss behind the project did not intend to stop, and reorganized the team, ready to continue to expand the business.

The new company is still doing blockchain, and even many customers are selected from the previous project.

The customer service will call those who still have money and are eager to turn over their books, bring them into the "insider group", and say that a professional trader teacher will lead them to make money.

To put it bluntly, it is the old way of shouting for single groups in stocks, just changing the shell of virtual currency.

Figure | After listing, it is a conventional routine to pull the market and then plunge

The so-called "teacher" will first take them to earn a little money, and then induce them to join the "disciple class" and transfer to the designated platform for operation.

As long as users are willing to transfer to this platform, it is equivalent to becoming meat on the cutting board of the project party.

The project party's left hand and right hand can set off the ups and downs of virtual currency prices. With a leverage of 135 times the starting point, users are forced to close their positions in minutes.

I occasionally visit these single-call groups, and I found several old customers who were enthusiastically discussing how to transfer money from the platform. It seems that they haven't discovered that they have been cheated twice by the same team.

Such a mind still wants to make a lot of money, it is estimated that it is only deceived.

However, I don't like these small retail investors anymore.

Now I follow up with major clients. They invested a lot of money in the previous project and have never dealt with me. They are suitable candidates for the next wave of leeks.

These customers are not that easy to cheat. I switched to the "investment consulting" model-borrowing their money to speculate in digital currencies on a formal platform, earning a 50% rake, and losing them at their own risk.

If you can't do it one day, the company will circle them to a small platform it controls, and let them lose money before running away with the money.

I occasionally think of the younger sister who invited me to celebrate my birthday. Although we still keep each other's WeChat messages, she never replied to the message I sent to her, too. Needless to say, everyone understands.

Now the amount of money I deal with is getting bigger and bigger, the proportion of share is steadily increasing, and my life is getting better every day.

I know that the real boss always hides behind the scenes, and I do the dirtiest and most tiring work. Whenever the Dongchuang incident happens, I must be the first to be pushed to block the gun.

But I can't look back anymore. Once people experience the sense of accomplishment brought by making quick money, it is difficult to settle down and work for others in a down-to-earth manner.

It's just that now I have more beads in my hand, and occasionally I visit the temple, hoping that the day when I am defeated by desire can come later.

There are countless opportunities to be a bastard in a person's life, and I just grabbed one of them.

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