Monday, November 2, 2020

Profitable for three consecutive years, global cloud communication service provider "Instant Technology" received US$50 million in Series C financing

 the global cloud through information service providers "shall constitute Technology" get fifty million dollars C round of financing, Tencent lead investor, existing shareholders to continue with the vote. After this round of financing, "JiZhou Technology" will continue to strengthen the construction of the platform, create more efficient and professional platform service standards, launch more diversified products and services, and more accurate and close to user needs. Program.

"Instant" was established at the end of 2015. The founder and CEO Lin Youyao and the four co-founders are all from Tencent. The core technology team is from Tencent, Huawei, Huanju Times and other companies. The services provided cover PaaS products that can only be accessed with a high amount of code. APaaS products that can be accessed with low code and SaaS products with zero-code access provide enterprises with real-time audio and video interactions such as interactive live broadcast, online classrooms, telemedicine, conferences, games, finance, smart devices, and government-enterprise collaboration ability.

Customers can flexibly choose to use different functional modules to assemble and combine them into a personalized solution that conforms to business operation logic.

The technical advantage of "Instant Technology" comes from the self-developed RTC engine and MSDN network. The former ensures that "instant construction" is not restricted by third-party technology and meets the individual needs of users; the latter maximizes the balance between cost, service efficiency and quality of the overall service.

The essence of the To B industry is to create long-term value for customers, but the difficulty is to earnestly serve the different needs of each company. This is also another major advantage of "Instant" besides technology, that is, the emphasis on customer service. Since its establishment 5 years ago, the company has been positioning "technology + service" as its corporate positioning, insisting on the logic of customer service.

With the blessing of these two major advantages, "Instant Technology" has developed rapidly during the epidemic period when real-time audio and video interaction scenes were rapidly activated. Relying on the service advantages of the self-built MSDN network, it once again won the trust of customers. The average daily voice and video communication service time of the structure also quickly exceeded 2 billion minutes.

It is reported that for more than five years, the churn rate of major customers of "Instant Technology" has been almost zero, the annual churn rate of all customers is less than 3%, and the customer repurchase rate has reached 97%. Currently, more than 70% of the industry's leading customers are customers of "instant" real-time audio and video services. "Instant Construction" has been profitable since 2018. In 2019, the business has maintained steady growth, with a certain increase in business scale and profit. In 2020, it is expected that revenue growth will be close to 100%, achieving three consecutive years of profitability.

Ye Guantai, partner of Qiming Venture Capital, the B-round investor of "Instant Technology", believes that the business model of "Instant Technology" is worth learning from more companies: "The all-cloud infrastructure leads to basic operating cost investment and business scale that can be maintained from the beginning. In a reasonable proportion."

The cloud communication service industry is entering an explosive period, and this is an overall rapidly growing market. 36 krypton has also reported on the audio and video conference track . Due to the epidemic, the demand for multi-person, online, and instant messaging has skyrocketed. The market research report released by Zion Market Research shows that the market size of online real-time access will reach 21.023 billion US dollars in 2025, and the compound annual growth rate from 2019 to 2025 is 43.6%.

Talking about the future, CEO Lin Youyao said: "Next, "Instant Construction" will polish out various combination and innovative scenario solutions. "

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