Saturday, October 24, 2020

Focusing on nucleic acid interference (RNAi) drugs, "Sino Pharmaceuticals" completes RMB 730 million in Series D financing


"SiRNA small nucleic acid drugs have emerged in the field of innovative drugs with their unique advantages."

It is reported that "Sirnaomics, Inc." (Sirnaomics, Inc.) , which focuses on the application of nucleic acid interference technology (RNAi) for new drug creation , has completed a D round of financing of US$105 million (about 730 million yuan). Round of financing by the existing shareholders Turning Stone capital, New investment institutions Watson biological and sun integrate capital jointly lead investor, existing shareholders and new entrants cents pupil capital investment institutions Takato capital, Hong Tao capital and source of capital together To participate in the investment, Huaxing Capital served as the financial advisor for this round of financing.

The funds from this round of financing will be used to further advance and expand the innovative nucleic acid interference (RNAi) drug product chain of "Sino Pharmaceuticals", focusing on the treatment of various diseases such as cancer, fibrotic diseases, metabolic diseases and viral infections. The company will further evaluate its STP705 and STP707 two target nucleic acid interference drugs targeting TGF-β1 and COX-2 on the basis of the positive results of the clinical phase IIa trial for the treatment of squamous cell carcinoma of the skin. For the treatment of various cancers and fibrotic diseases.

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The core technology of "Sino Pharmaceutical" is to use RNA interference (RNAi) and a unique peptide nanoparticle (PNP) for delivery. RNA interference (RNAi) is a biological process in which small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) degrade target gene mRNA molecules to silence gene expression. "Sino Pharmaceuticals" develops new drugs using chemically synthesized RNAi triggers (short interfering RNAs or siRNAs) delivered to target cells in the body through patented peptide nanoparticle (PNP) preparations.

The mechanism by which siRNA degrades mRNA in cells can be summarized as follows: siRNA delivered by nanoparticles enters the cell through endocytosis. Once the nanoparticles are released into the cytosol, the siRNA is integrated into a protein-RNA complex called RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC) The antisense RNA strand then guides the activated RISC to anneal and cleave the target mRNA with complementary sequence. In this process, the endonuclease argonaute-2 plays a key role in removing the duality and down-regulation of specific mRNA. After mRNA cleavage, the activated RISC can then perform multiple rounds of mRNA cleavage.

How the drug occurs in the cell

Based on the potential synergistic effects of the combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors that have been observed in preclinical and clinical trials, the clinical research of the "Sino Pharmaceuticals" team will particularly focus on the effectiveness evaluation of nucleic acid interference drugs in tumor immunotherapy . With the further expansion of the company's innovative delivery platform, such as siRNA-chemo drug conjugate technology, small peptide galactosamine conjugate (PdoV-GalNAc) technology, and improved aerosol drug delivery devices, etc. , "Sino Pharmaceuticals" will promote the application of innovative nucleic acid interference drugs in multiple therapeutic fields.

Dr. Xiaochang Dai, the managing partner of Rotary Stone Fund, said: “In the field of nucleic acid interference (RNAi) treatment, "Sino Pharmaceuticals" is currently the only biopharmaceutical company that conducts innovative drug R&D and clinical trials in both China and the United States. The United States and the United States are precisely the two largest demand markets for tumor and fibrotic diseases in the world. The management team of Sanno has comprehensive and balanced skills and experience in the creation of RNAi drugs, and has a unique international perspective. We believe that "Sino Pharmaceuticals" will further advance the optimization of its technology platform and the therapeutic effects of innovative drugs with comprehensive clinical research strategies. "

Xie Yijing, Managing Director of China Renaissance Capital and Head of the Medical and Life Technology Group, said: "China Renaissance Capital is very honored to assist "Sino Pharmaceuticals" to successfully complete the D round of financing. siRNA small nucleic acid drugs have their unique advantages in the innovative drug field. SiRNA small nucleic acid drugs will play a pivotal role in drug research and development. The unique advantages of the Shengnuo team under the leadership of Dr. Lu Yang in R&D and industrialization capabilities will be further revealed. "

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