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From cloud mining to cloud hosting, can Bit Deer become a "mining circle Pinduoduo"?


On October 22, the cloud mining platform BitDeer and Bitmain launched the cloud hosting service to realize the online integration of mining machine hosting through the "grouping" model. The "joint group" challenged the original hosting model and aimed to break the information asymmetry barrier between miners and hosting platforms. It is understood that Bit Deer has covered all mainstream PoW mining services. The launch of the new cloud hosting business this time also marks a new turning point in the cloud service model of Bit Deer.

In the field of traditional e-commerce, Alibaba and JD.com have faced off for many years. This subdivision track, once considered to be highly mature and solidified in the competitive landscape, has been reshaped with the rise of Pinduoduo, allowing us to see the tremendous explosive power of "Fight. Since then, the group-joining model has been out of control and has become a commercial weapon for users to "picking up bargains" and businesses to earn traffic.

Today, what kind of impact and transformation will the mining industry bring to the mining industry with the trend of "joining groups"?

Online integration impacts traditional mining hosting

The mining industry has developed to the current stage and has been highly centralized, large-scale, and specialized. Not only that, the city's electricity bills are high, ordinary miners and investors lack the ability to operate and maintain mining machines, and the participation costs of individual retail investors are getting higher and higher. Therefore, it is an economical and convenient way to place the mining machine in the mine for hosting.

At present, there are two mainstream hosting methods. One is that the user purchases the mining machine by himself, and then sends the mining machine to the mining farm of the hosting platform for hosting; the other is the hosting platform directly provides the mining machine, and the user directly purchases it and participates in the hosting Mining.

Generally speaking, in addition to dealing with tedious links such as purchase and transportation, users may also face the risk of running away from the hosting platform; in the latter, due to the lack of supervision of the mining machine hosting industry, the development of the platform is uneven, and the mining machine purchased by the user cannot be guaranteed to be true Existence, and even some platforms will sell dog meat as shoddy.

In addition, regardless of the hosting method, most users with hosting needs will not personally visit the hosting mine, and there are often cases where the actual mine does not match the publicity. Because of the information asymmetry, the authenticity and security of the mining machine hosting have been criticized.

We learned from the internal personnel of Bitfawn that the new product "cloud hosting" released by Bitfawn in conjunction with Bitmain is to break the previous "black box" model, simplify the entire hosting process, dilute hosting costs, and improve hosting Transparency, thereby reducing the asset risk of miners and investors.

Speaking of which, what exactly is Bitdeer Cloud Hosting?

First, users participate in cloud hosting by joining groups, and enjoy one-click procurement hosting services on the Bitfawn platform. According to its official website, the cloud hosting models for sale are S19 Pro, the most efficient machine Antminer in the industry. Then, Bitdeer will package and integrate the resources of various service providers in the mining industry chain such as mining machine manufacturers, mines, mining pools, etc., to provide users with online mining machine procurement, mine custody, mining pool docking, operation and maintenance management, etc. service.

It can be seen that the user does not need to do anything in the whole process except for placing an order. The subsequent processes are completed by Bitfawn, and users can track the progress and status of each module in real time on the platform. In other words, cloud hosting moves the past offline hosting methods to online, realizing the transparency of the whole process. At the same time, "there is no middleman to make the difference" also saves users a lot of manpower and channel costs.

Under the traditional hosting model, users need to pay deposits, pre-paid electricity fees, and operation and maintenance fees. According to the official instructions of Bitdeer, cloud hosting users only need to pay for the purchase of mining machines. Electricity and operation and maintenance fees are directly derived from the mining revenue Withholding, plus on-line special offers, Bitdeer Cloud Custody launches a "0 management fee" profit-giving activity, which reduces the user's capital occupancy rate and allows idle funds to be reinvested continuously, which is more friendly to ordinary investors.

The transparency of the cloud hosting process is not a small temptation for hosting users who have been in the "information blind zone" for a long time. Especially in the field of financial investment, risk control awareness should be in the first place. Both large and small miners hope to place their mining machines in reliable mines. The integrated model of Bitfawn guarantees the security, transparency and real-time check of user assets.

So what is behind the implementation of the cloud hosting model?

For Bit Deer, its core capabilities are solid mining ecological resources and strong resource integration capabilities.

Behind the cloud hosting service, Bitfawn has linked more than 30 professional mines around the world, and has experience in managing hundreds of thousands of mining machines, which are provided by United Fang Bitmain. In addition, Bit Deer also hopes to establish barriers to competition with professional overseas compliant mines and compliant power resources.

Let's look at the traditional mining machine hosting field. Traditional hosting platforms often have certain requirements for the number of mining machines, ranging from 500 to 1,000. Such a threshold makes it difficult for small and medium miners to enjoy the advantages of hosting services in the existing market. In Bitfawn’s “group joining” mode, one mining machine can join the group, which increases the chance of “retail investors” entering the market.

Can every cloud mining platform replicate the "fight + cloud" model?

In December 2018, at the time of the Bitcoin market bear market, Bit Deer went online and quickly became the top cloud mining service provider with its "real computing power cut to the smallest 1T". Bit Deer streamlines the mining process, packs all links into services, displays mining status and revenue, and brings a convenient, safe, transparent, and accessible cloud mining model to the mining market.

In the past two years after its launch, Bit Deer has also become more mature in terms of user acceptance, market influence, industry resources, power compliance, bargaining power, technology and innovation capabilities. Even under the conditions of the March 12 slump in 2020, the abundant water market in May, and the mining machine supply crisis, Bit Deer responded in a timely manner.

Therefore, Bit Deer continues to provide users with better product prices than the market and stable mining revenue.

Recently, the cloud hosting as the year of the cloud mining, bits of deer with their own product brand letter blessing reputation and depth of the global partners mining machine manufacturers bits giant continent, with a certain genetic advantages.

Maybe the team-building model can be quickly copied, but the advantages that Bitdeer has accumulated in cloud services are difficult for others to aggregate in a short time.

As a retail method, the group model has become one of the most important business models at the moment. It is popular in the field of small and high-frequency consumption. But looking at the professional investment field of traditional large transactions such as mining machine hosting, Bit Deer’s Can the mining machine teamwork mode also work?

The group joining model is actually breaking the existing cognition in the industry, gathering the needs of front-end consumers through the form of “joining”, thus forming a scale, reconstructing the underlying logic of the people and goods yard to meet the diverse needs of users, and activating the sinking Potential consumer groups in the market, and with the help of community fission to influence consumer behavior, changed the network marketing environment.

When it comes to the mining machine hosting market, Bitfawn’s first attempt to join the group model has brought "de-intermediation". Eliminating middlemen directly reduces service costs. In addition, the mining resources behind Bitfawn can provide cheaper electricity bills. Reduce mining costs. Such a cost advantage may be a disguised form of pressure on other industry service providers. To some extent, Bit Deer is reconstructing the price system of the mining machine hosting market.

From the perspective of small and medium miners and investors, the team-building model lowers their barriers to participation. The cloud hosting in the form of Bitfawn teamwork can essentially be seen as a sharing economy in the mining machine hosting market. Compared with traditional hosting, the group-joining model gives users who want to host but can't participate in it, and also gives them the opportunity to share the advantages of large-scale mining.

In the two years of development, Bitdeer has created a unique product and service system based on the cloud mining business. This includes not only the design of mining machines, electricity prices, and cycles for mining packages, but also soft power such as pricing strategies, revenue models, service performance capabilities, risk control capabilities, and compliance capabilities.

In fact, the current development of the cloud mining market is not mature, but as a number of leading service providers rely on their core competitiveness to continue to release safe and stable signals to the market and users, more investors will be attracted through the cloud. The participation of mining in the crypto world makes mining possible for all people. 

Although Bit Deer can be made into "Pinduoduo" in the mine circle, we still don't know. However, it is worth looking forward to whether Bit Deer, which has its own "cloud" gene, can change the industry pattern through "fighting" + "cloud".

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