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NIO dismantles battery company, BATM executives leave to start business-Q3 is worth paying attention to new company inventory

 New projects, new models, and new markets are always worth looking forward to, but they also need to be tapped.

There are less than 80 days before the end of 2020. In this difficult year, entrepreneurship no longer "brings its own halo."

But different from the downturn in the first half of the year, the investment and financing market in the third quarter rebounded significantly, and the market situation improved: not only did the number of IPO events hit a record high in nearly five quarters, but also the number of investment institutions that made one shot increased by 33 compared with Q2, and the capital activity increased significantly .

However, the spotlight of capital and media has always been on the top star projects, in those unicorns that have received investment from Tencent and whose valuation has risen again.

New projects, new models, and new markets are always worth looking forward to, but they also need to be tapped. According to IT Orange statistics, there are 1,025 startups newly established this year, of which 54 companies have been invested in the third quarter; among the companies that have received investment, enterprise services and medical projects are the most, with 14 and 12 respectively.

At the same time, we also found that in 2020, many people will come out of BAT to start businesses, doing AI, content, and ToB solutions; some have also received several rounds of financing.

The typical is Simou Technology. The company became an angel investment from IDG Capital immediately, and another tens of millions of yuan in Pre-A round of financing one month later.

As a pioneer of the "investment group", the important reason why IDG values ​​Simou Technology is the resume and background of the founder-Jia Jiaya is the former outstanding scientist of Tencent, the head of X-Lab of Youtu Lab, and the computer science of the Chinese University of Hong Kong Tenured professor of engineering department.

Smart More uses artificial intelligence and machine vision technology, and its main focus is to provide efficient smart solutions for high-end manufacturing industries such as semiconductors, and to serve 5G+8K ultra-high-definition video. The company received a purchase order from the Xuhui District Government of Shanghai less than a year after its establishment. The purchase project was an artificial intelligence vision application project.

It is worth noting that in July, the enterprise digital solution provider "Sushi Technology", which received an angel investment of more than 100 million yuan from Tencent, was founded by Li Kefeng. He has served as the former general manager of Baidu Mobile , the former CTO of Ping An Financial Technology, and the former JD The group vice president, as the head of the middle and Taiwan, has driven the successful transformation of JD's retail digitalization as a whole.

Yu Haiyang, Managing Director of Tencent Investment, said: While embracing the industrial Internet, Tencent is also continuously investing and deploying in the digital field, investing in support of outstanding teams, and assisting the digital upgrade of various industries. Suzie Technology has deep technical accumulation and industry precipitation, and hopes that the two parties will reach closer cooperation.

In August, former Alibaba Robot CEO Gu Zulin joined Matrix Motors as its president. Matrix Automobile is wholly-owned by Shandong Haochi Intelligent Automobile Co., Ltd., and it is found through the equity penetration chart that this is a state-owned enterprise controlled by Jinan SASAC. It mainly relies on the industrial manufacturing capacity of Shandong Jinan Intelligent Automobile Industrial Park and is dedicated to couriers/ The takeaway boy designs delivery vehicles.

Since Meituan Cloud announced in March this year that it would shut down public cloud services that had been in existence for 7 years, Li Shuang, the general manager of Meituan Cloud (who used to be the technical director of Alibaba), also left his job and established a company with edge computing technology as the core. Yes, the company "Dayu Zhixin" that provides third-party standardized ultra-high-speed network solutions.

This year's "Ali Department" entrepreneurial project has future technology . The company focuses on helping the digital transformation of industrial Internet companies and creating intelligent middle stations. The founder, Qiang Hui, was the vice president of the middle station business group of Alibaba Group.

In addition, we have also noticed that first-line VC institutions have also invested in early-stage projects. For example, Sequoia Capital China invested in the angel round of enterprise service company "Qiyu Digital Science" in September, and Jingwei China invested in the Q&A community "Popi Questions "Box" angel round, Hillhouse Ventures invested in the "Danxu Bio" Series A in September, and Joy Capital invested in the apparel e-commerce project "BA Accessories Bureau" angel round.

Next, take a look at the 8 projects that were established and received investment in the third quarter.

It can be seen that the medical industry is still sought after by capital, and there are also newly established and invested projects in corporate services, e-commerce, and new energy vehicles.

  • Weilai Automobile and CATL set up Wuhan Weineng Battery, aiming at the "separation of vehicle and electricity" model

On August 18, Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Ningde Times) announced that it will jointly invest in the establishment of Wuhan Nineng Battery Assets Co., Ltd. with NIO, Guotai Junan International Holdings Co., Ltd. and Hubei Science and Technology Investment Group Co., Ltd. (Referred to as Wuhan Weineng).

Wuhan Weineng has a registered capital of 800 million yuan, of which Ningde Times invested 200 million yuan to obtain 25% of the equity and board seats; the legal representative of the company is Shen Fei, vice president of Weilai Auto Energy.

At the same time, Wuhan Nineng launched the BaaS (Battery as a Service) business. Users do not need to purchase battery packs when buying a car, but choose different capacity battery packs according to their actual needs, and pay a monthly service fee. Weilai Automobile stated that “BaaS will greatly reduce the threshold for purchasing electric vehicles, so that the cost of buying and using vehicles will be lower than that of gasoline models of the same level.”

On April 23 this year, the Ministry of Finance and other four ministries jointly issued a new energy subsidy policy stipulating that, with the exception of vehicles supporting the battery swap mode, new energy vehicles with a starting price of more than 300,000 yuan (including 300,000) will no longer enjoy subsidies .

  • Meinian Health and Tencent-funded AI medical company established ``Suxin Medical''

September 2020, Shanghai prime core Medical Imaging Technology Co., Ltd. was established, the legal representative of Lu Jian Jun, the registered capital of 200 million, the United States and in Health (002044), Shanghai Information Technology Co., the voxel, Ding Xiaowei and Shenzhen Qianhai pupil Asset Management Co., Ltd. is jointly controlled, of which Meinian Health holds 40%.

It is worth noting that Voxel Technology is an AI medical technology company. The company provides fully automatic medical image analysis based on deep learning methods and a diagnosis assistance platform VoxelCloud in the fields of cancer screening, cardiovascular disease diagnosis, and ophthalmological disease diagnosis. At present, the company has completed the B round of financing. Its past investors include Tencent, Sequoia China, Lianchuang Yongxuan, and Ding Xiaowei is the legal person of Voxel Technology.

  • Taobao live broadcast promotion service platform Alibaba promotes $12 million angel investment

At the end of September, Alibaba received a USD 12 million angel investment from N&C Capital. N&C Capital was established in 2017. It is a new investment fund focusing on new technology trends. Last year, the fund management scale exceeded 4 billion yuan.

According to the official introduction of Alibaba, the company is a comprehensive promotion service platform developed by Alibaba Group and Quzhongqiu (Nanjing) Network Technology Co., Ltd. on the basis of Taobao live broadcast ecology. It is committed to Taobao online promotion and is mainly used for Promote Taobao Live Room.

Alibaba’s annual goals include breaking through 10 million registered users, creating 100,000 anchors with monthly income of more than 10,000, creating 100 MCN organizations with annual revenue of more than 100 million yuan, and assisting Taobao's live broadcast DAU to exceed 300 million daily activities.

According to data provided by an industry executive of a live broadcast service provider, Taobao live broadcast DAU was 28 million last year, and Douyin live broadcast DAU was around 100 million this year.

Obviously, Taobao Live's competitors have already surpassed the scope of e-commerce live broadcasts, but are from external short video giants Douyin and Kuaishou . According to the latest data released by CCTV News, the current average daily usage time of short videos has reached 110 minutes per capita. The live broadcast is undoubtedly fighting for these short video apps.

In addition to these items, in the third quarter set up and access to investment there are two biopharmaceutical company developing gene therapy technology provider " Enron Biological " new crown adenovirus pneumonia vaccine developer " tree-chen biological ", two business services company "Shentu Technology" and " Huaqin Fingerprint", as well as Ren Ren Huo ", a mutual assistance platform for car owners under iCar Hand in Hand.

In addition, Kuaishou and Baidu both initiated the establishment of related new business companies in the third quarter.

The biological company "Baitu Shengke" was established at the end of September, with Robin Li as the promoter, and Baidu Venture Capital CEO Liu Wei as the co-founder, serving as the CEO of "Baitu Shengke". In August, Beijing Qingque Technology Co., Ltd. was established. The legal representative is Yinxin, the co-founder of Kuaishou. Kuaishou also launched the third-generation office product "Qing Que Collaboration", which is still in the beta stage.

There is also a new company as a search engine-established in 2016 and renamed to Aiyo Network Technology (Shandong) Co., Ltd. in July 2020. The minimalist search tool "Ayo Search" developed by it was also launched a few months ago. .

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