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Unmanned driving, satellite Internet, artificial intelligence, Guangzhou strongly supports enterprises to explore the blue ocean market of science and technology innovation

 What role will scientific and technological innovation play in the new development pattern where the domestic big cycle is the main body and the domestic and international double cycles promote each other? On October 13th, at the 2020 Xiaomanyao Technology Conference-Global Mobile Developers Conference and Artificial Intelligence Summit Forum, participating experts launched a heated discussion on this.

"The new pattern of'double-circulation' development is not simply expanding domestic demand, but focusing on independent innovation on the supply side, and making up for shortcomings with more basic scientific innovations, innovations in underlying technologies, and innovations in applied technologies." Beijing Fan Gang, professor of economics at the University’s HSBC Business School, pointed out that the first element of the internal cycle in the “double cycle” is to expand independent innovation.

Experts pointed out that in the face of the complex international situation, more basic scientific innovations and applied technology innovations can make up for the shortcomings of the supply chain. At present, Guangzhou's scientific and technological innovation work is "grasping with two hands": not only must grasp the industrial development, but also strengthen the cultivation of scientific power.

Artificial intelligence gives new imagination to production and life

"From mobile Internet, big data, artificial intelligence to industrial Internet, satellite Internet, quantum computing. Every Xiaomanyao Technology Conference can reflect the development of science and technology at that time ." said Xiong Xiaoge, co-chairman of IDG Capital.

This year, artificial intelligence and digital economy became the hot words of the conference. In addition to the main forum, there are a series of parallel forums focusing on the development trend of digital technology, such as the "2020 High-level Forum on Industrial Software Localization", "The Development and Thinking of Rail Transit in the Smart Bay Area", and "The Satellite Internet Connecting Everything".

"Why is artificial intelligence so hot?" explained Xu Yingtong, President of Huawei's Ascend Computing Business, because artificial intelligence is currently the most important general-purpose technology. Once applied in various fields, it will bring great progress.

In Xu Yingtong's view, artificial intelligence will inevitably usher in a major stage of development in the next five years. One reason is that the combination of artificial intelligence and various industries has brought application drivers, and the other reason is the rapid growth of demand for AI computing power.

According to IDC forecasts, by 2022, the global digital GDP will reach US$46 trillion. From 2019 to 2021, direct investment in digital transformation will reach US$5.5 trillion.

"Refined recognition requires mining and using existing knowledge, summarizing, summarizing, and applying this knowledge, which can be efficiently completed by artificial intelligence." said Lin Wei, CEO of Dark Matter Intelligence, former Outstanding Scientist of Shangtang Technology , and Executive Dean of the Institute . On the basis of deep learning, machines and equipment will help people complete the construction of knowledge graphs and achieve realistic cognition.

What is the cornerstone of an intelligent society? Xue Quan, dean of the School of Electronics and Information, South China University of Technology, believes that the core of all things intelligence is 5G. In the future, everyone will see more 5G applications and the world of 5G is still expanding.

From imitating key problems to bravely breaking into "no man's land"

100 self-driving taxis depart together! Rows of brightly marked blue vehicles filed out on the roads of Huangpu District, Guangzhou. This is Robotaxi launched by Guangzhou technology company Wenyuan Zhixing.

"In terms of autonomous driving, some auto industry powerhouses are a lot behind us." Wen Yuan Zhixing WeRide founder and CEO, former University of Missouri tenured professor Han Xu mentioned at the conference, "Our autonomous driving fleet has been operating safely. After 300 days, this is a leader in the world."

The vehicle-road collaboration technology used in autonomous driving covers many aspects. In Han Xu's view, this is a place that can reflect the advantages of China's system. "We can concentrate our efforts on big things."

Fan Gang believes that the "national system" can quickly make up for its shortcomings in the new stage of development. When another country makes an innovative product and its patent protection period expires, China only needs to learn about the technology and resources used in the product, and then it can concentrate its efforts to tackle it.

When China's technological innovation enters the period of "independent innovation" from the stage of "imitation research", Fan Gang believes that the functional role of the government will change accordingly.

"If an'innovation' even the government knows, is it still a new thing?" Fan Gang said, "At this stage, what the government has to do is to create a mechanism, an environment and some policies to support millions of entrepreneurs and science. Workers can'think about it' and create new ideas."

This coincides with Guangzhou's current scientific and technological innovation development thinking. Wang Guilin, director of the Guangzhou Science and Technology Bureau, once pointed out that the next innovation model in Guangzhou should be changed from "introducing, digesting, absorbing and re-innovating" to "leading the industry with science." This requires that Guangzhou must not only do a good job in industrial development, but also strengthen the cultivation of scientific power.

How do specific operations need to be carried out in the "no man's land" on the verge of technological innovation? The plan given by Fan Gang is: vigorously develop private enterprises; the role of government funds has changed from "guide" to "follow investment."

 "Private enterprises are private capital and have a lot of room for trial and error. At the same time, for cost incentive considerations, they will fully evaluate market risks and make more reasonable innovative practices." Fan Gang mentioned.

Du Ruxu, academician of the Canadian Academy of Engineering: smart manufacturing must maintain resilience

In the face of global competition and unknown crises, smart manufacturing must maintain resilience, first, innovation, second, layout, and third.

Why can innovation maintain resilience? The reason is very simple. A mobile phone must lag behind after 5 years. If you do not innovate, others will surpass you, so you must innovate. How to layout? Of course innovation is also a layout, but more important is the introduction of flexibility. What is strain? The "trilogy" of strain: First, collect signals and process them; second, model based on the signals to predict what will happen; third, make decisions and control. This is the so-called industrial artificial intelligence.

Xu Xun, CEO of Huada Group: Let humans master the readable, writable and controllable life

Human data is very large, and the data surrounding life and health is very large. This big data is characterized by a very clear causal relationship. Nucleic acid is a material carrier, and its ultimate outcome is human birth, aging, sickness and death. The central law determines the whole person’s birth, aging, sickness and death. Why are we willing to make a fuss on nucleic acid? Because nucleic acid is the most critical core content of life, the storage, reading, and writing of nucleic acid may enable humans to truly master the readable, writable, and controllable life. This is a huge historical development opportunity brought by life technology.

Zhang Guangnan, Professor of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Development Research Institute of Sun Yat-sen University: All aspects of innovation in the Greater Bay Area require urban collaboration

In the next step, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area will be an innovative Greater Bay Area, and the cooperation between cities is particularly important. The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is the world's most central bay area city cluster, so further collaboration is needed.

The realization of all aspects of innovation also requires policy breakthroughs. All industries have grown from cultivating industries, all enterprises have grown from small and medium-sized enterprises, and all groups have grown from youth groups. Therefore, supporting these three aspects is to allow all enterprises, Industries and groups have fair opportunities.

Dark Matter Intelligence CEO Lin Jie: Big data is not all of artificial intelligence

Reports have shown that artificial intelligence has reached or partially surpassed the human level in perceptual intelligence such as listening, speaking, and seeing, but it is still in its infancy in cognitive intelligence such as logical reasoning.

Big data is not all of artificial intelligence. We have to implement the industry, integrate artificial intelligence algorithms and domain knowledge, and finally solve this product and system that requires strong interaction, interaction with people, and integration of industry knowledge and domain knowledge. , And finally build this kind of reliable and interpretable artificial intelligence.

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