Monday, November 23, 2020

Introduce robots to "see a doctor", WeDoctor does this

 Joining hands with the China Lung Cancer Prevention Alliance, WeDoctor established the WeDoctor Smart Health College in Hangzhou and launched the WeDoctor Lung Nodules Diagnosis and Treatment Center.

After going to the hospital to get diagnosed cases, scan the QR code and send your diagnosed cases to WeDoctor's mobile diagnosis platform. WeDoctor can quickly arrange doctors for symptomatic consultation and appointment arrangements based on the cases. Today, WeDoctor is making it more convenient to get medical treatment and employment through artificial intelligence and Internet technology.

Recently, WeDoctor and China Lung Cancer Prevention Alliance established WeDoctor Smart Health College in Hangzhou, and launched WeDoctor Lung Nodules Diagnosis and Treatment Center. Both parties will use lung nodules as a breakthrough point and use the current “handwork-style” diagnosis and treatment model to Improve the long-term survival rate of lung cancer patients. Professor Bai Chunxue, chairman of the China Lung Cancer Prevention Alliance and leader of respiratory disciplines, serves as the dean of the We Medical Smart Health College, the director of the We Medical Lung Nodules Diagnosis and Treatment Center and the chief expert.

Combine with modern technology

Improve the ability to distinguish benign and malignant lung nodules

The incidence of lung cancer in my country ranks first among malignant tumors, with an annual incidence of about 787,000 cases, and the 5-year survival rate is only 19.7%. Early-stage lung cancer is usually insidious and asymptomatic. About two-thirds of patients are already in the advanced stage when they are discovered, and they have lost the opportunity for surgery. How can lung cancer be detected earlier and treated faster?

Professor Bai Chunxue said that he took the lead in formulating the "Consensus on Diagnosis and Treatment of Lung Nodules in China" and "Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment of Pulmonary Nodules in Asia Pacific". Relying on the Internet of Things, he developed intelligent auxiliary diagnosis and treatment tools for lung nodules PNapp and " The "5A" process can significantly improve the ability to distinguish benign and malignant lung nodules.

In order to make the treatment of lung cancer patients more convenient, relying on the WeDoctor Internet hospital platform network, we provide patients with international standard online consultation and expert consultation services for lung nodules, promote early screening, early diagnosis, and early treatment of lung cancer, and treat lung cancer. The focus moves forward to the early stage where the healing effect is better.

Digital "online + offline" full disease management

Establish the entire industry chain of "Internet + Medical and Health"

It is understood that the WeDoctor Pulmonary Nodules Diagnosis and Treatment Center is the first single-disease digital "online + offline" full-course management diagnosis and treatment center after the establishment of the Wemed Smart Health Academy. Professor Bai Chunxue said: “Artificial intelligence and big data technology can help doctors accurately and quickly locate lung nodules from hundreds of thin-layer CT images of the chest. Big data provides risk probability assessment and provides international imaging clinical standards for reference. Lung nodule diagnosis provides objective imaging data support, effectively reducing missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis, and improving diagnosis efficiency."

After the service of WeDoctor Lung Nodule Diagnosis and Treatment Center is launched, it will further help the China Lung Cancer Prevention and Control Alliance’s "Ten Thousand Thousand Thousand Project" project, implement the "PN Five Steps, Real World Action" work for lung nodules, and provide lung nodules nationwide. Patients have established an online and offline full-course management service network of "screening-diagnosis-treatment-post-operation".

At the scene, the WeDoctor Smart Health College also signed research intentions with a number of partners, and will actively cooperate in the academic research and technology application of the Internet of Things. Liao Jieyuan, Chairman and CEO of WeDoctor, said that WeDoctor has been committed to using the Internet and digital technology to improve the efficiency of medical and health services. Early diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer will save many lives and families. WeDoctor will build WeDoctor's lung nodules diagnosis and treatment center. A model project for digital chronic diseases.

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