Monday, November 2, 2020

Provides fully automatic AI middle and Taiwan SaaS service, "Deep Intelligence" completes tens of millions of angel round financing

 the fully automated AI mid-Taiwan provider " Deep Wisdom " has recently completed tens of millions of yuan in angel round financing. The investor in this round is Meihua Venture Capital, and the funds from the financing will be used for product development and market expansion. This is the company's second financing in a year.

"Deep Intelligence" was established in 2019 and is committed to the algorithm research and commercial scenarios of MetaAI technology (AI made by AI), providing full automation for B-end customers in retail/shoes and apparel, industrial manufacturing, trading platforms, finance and other industries AI middle-station SaaS service aims to reduce the labor cost of AI application landing.

 Deep Intelligence Fully Automatic Machine Learning Technology

Relying on the "Deep Intelligence" fully automatic AI middle station, customers only need to connect all data to the cloud API, and the middle station system will automatically generate a complete AI solution based on the customer's input data and generate automatic deployment codes.

At present, "Deep Intelligence" has completed the development of multiple core modules in the SaaS platform, which can realize full-modal and full-scenario AI services, and has been used for multiple industries such as retail/shoes and apparel, industry, trading platform, and finance. The head customer provided corresponding services. Customer data shows that the entire solution can greatly improve the effects of tasks such as decision-making, recommendation, and search, and increase business indicators by 40% to 60%, and achieve more than 60% labor cost savings and significant net profit improvement for customers.

When asked about the potential and value of fully automated AI mid-stage, Wu Chenglin, CEO of DeepFaith, briefly described the advantages of AI-enabled retail scenarios: "Although the retail industry has undergone multiple rounds of transformation and upgrades in recent years, cost management in the industry is difficult. , sales growth bottlenecks, supply chain efficiency and low polycyclic section core pain points still exist. "it also represents, AI can help and solve the product of intelligent design, sub-store sales forecast, pain points, multiple scenes of smart pricing, wisdom stores, etc., Upgrade and transform the retail industry as a whole. Multi-scenarios help retailers to improve overall supply chain efficiency, increase GMV and increase profits play a key role. "Deep Smarter" products can currently achieve the combined application of multiple retail scenarios, helping retail companies to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

In addition, "Deep Intelligence" can overcome the bottlenecks of traditional AI products with long landing cycles, long iterations of effects, and low input-output ratio. Wu Chenglin introduced that traditional AI development requires a complete AI team's design-development cycle of more than one year, and "Deep Intelligence" based on MetaAI technology can shorten the design-development cycle to less than one day, greatly reducing AI development costs; data shows , "Deep Intelligence" surpasses Google's corresponding products by 63.4% on average in multiple tasks, and can help customers obtain excess decision-making and distribution benefits.

At the same time, in the past year, "Deep Intelligence" won several international competitions (automatic deep learning direction) world championships, and stably won the first place on dozens of blind test data sets of different scenarios where AI landed. It also proves to a certain extent the universal applicability of "Deep Intelligence" products in different scenarios.

2020/04 Deep Intelligence won the world championship in the finals of the NeurIPS-AutoDL series competition

In terms of market trends, my country is currently accelerating the construction of new infrastructure. As one of the seven key areas, the artificial intelligence industry is ushering in a period of rapid growth in applications. "Deep Intelligence" also hopes to contribute to the realization of the intelligent development of the industry by providing enterprises with fully automated AI mid-stage products.

At present, the "Deep Intelligence" team has attracted first-class talents from 985/211 colleges and universities, top overseas colleges, including Stanford, CMU, Oxford, IC, UCL, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Xiamen University, etc., including more than ten A world champion; it brings together senior researchers and architects from Tencent, Google, Baidu , Huawei and other companies, and has experience in AI implementation with billions of users and hundreds of billions of data. In the future, "Deep Intelligence" will continue to improve MetaAI technology and continue to build fully automated AI middle stations to provide customers with better products and services.

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