Tuesday, November 10, 2020

"Rongyun" completes hundreds of millions of RMB in Series D financing, and the cloud communication track continues to be favored by capital

The global Internet communication cloud manufacturer "Rongyun" completed hundreds of millions of RMB in Series D financing, which was jointly led by the eWTP Middle and Northeast Africa Regional Fund and Shenzhen Capital Group.

This year, the cloud through faith Speedway continues to be optimistic about the capital. Wang Cheng, chairman of "Rongyun", believes that there are two reasons. First, from the perspective of the development cycle, the development of the cloud communications industry is still at an early stage with a potential market space of 100 billion yuan. The second is the promotion of the epidemic and the remote government and enterprises. The service scene gradually becomes just needed, and the cloud communication track presses the accelerator key.

Specifically for "Rongyun", this financing is mainly used to continue to build global cloud communication capabilities, specifically in two aspects:

First, continue to improve the "full" communication capabilities of graphics, text, audio and video, and focus on increasing R&D investment in real-time audio and video products;

The second is the continuous R&D and optimization of the global cloud communication network. At the same time, it will further expand the global market. In the countries and governments of the “Belt and Road”, the overall solution of communication services will be exported, and the PaaS capability + application layer products will provide support for national projects. In developed countries, it will consider opening branches to meet the needs of overseas developers' PaaS capabilities.

As a technology-based enterprise, "Rongyun" mainly provides developers and enterprises with secure, reliable, low-latency, high-concurrency communication cloud technology capabilities, through "IM instant messaging + RTC real-time audio and video + Push push" one-stop communication Cloud services, with a set of SDK to meet the needs of all communication scenarios, reduce development time and costs, and improve product development efficiency.

Among them, Rongyun real-time audio and video can ensure good interaction for customers in a weak network environment, with an anti-packet loss rate of 80% for audio and 40% for video; in terms of call quality, video can provide a resolution of up to 1080P and a frame rate of up to 30FPS. , Especially suitable for special high-definition scenes. Rongyun's real-time audio and video services can also be applied on multiple types of platforms to achieve platform-level interoperability and achieve full coverage of common real-time audio and video scenarios.

Moreover, based on the characteristics and business needs of different industries, "Rongyun" can provide multiple deployment modes including public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud, and provide industry-specific solutions in a targeted manner. Not only that, "Rongyun" has also built a communications cloud network (SD-CAN) covering 233 countries and regions around the world, and has set up multiple data centers and thousands of nodes around the world.

By SD-CAN high-quality access points around the world, combined with the financial research from the cloud of the most excellent chain path scheduling algorithm, dynamic text, pictures, audio and video distributed to end-users to quickly solve cross-border, cross-operator, large-scale users access This causes problems such as slow response, high packet loss, and unstable service.

Up to now, the "Rongyun" communication cloud service has fully covered government affairs, finance, transportation, energy, medical, social, live broadcast, e-commerce, education and other industries and provided scenario-based solutions. The daily message peak is 221.8 billion, and the average daily call The number of minutes is 260 million, the average daily message volume is 15 billion, and the number of SDK users reaches over 5 billion. 

Currently serving Chinese customers include Industrial and Commercial Bank of China , China Mobile , Sichuan Airlines, CCTV Weishi, Zoomlion, New Oriental, Codingmao , Walnut Programming , Lexue Gaokao , Lufax , Sunac Real Estate, IDG, Huaxing Capital , Auto Home, Easy Car, Get APP, Lychee, Hello Travel, Lai Crazy Live Broadcast, Dou Mi , Tubat Rabbit, etc.

Currently serving Chinese overseas customers include: Opera, StarMaker, Lispon, Razer Pay, Famy, Unico live, EleLive, MiniJoy, Castbox, COCO, StarStar, etc.

After this round of financing, the strategic direction of "Rongyun" will continue to make efforts in the domestic Internet, government-enterprise, and smart hardware markets as well as overseas markets. 

In the Internet, government-enterprise, and hardware smart markets, "Rongyun" has taken root deeply. In the Internet market, "Rongyun" is a communications cloud giant hidden behind 300,000 apps. Because more than 250,000 developers are using "Rongyun", these hundreds of thousands of developers not only bring about customer accumulation, but also It can also help products to iterate quickly; in the government and enterprise markets, "Rongyun" has fully supported the combination of localized chips, operating systems, middleware, and database components. In the future, it will continue to support the localization process and contribute to China's government and enterprise markets. Basic ability to communicate.

Overseas markets are also the development focus of "Rongyun". As early as 2016, "Rongyun" completed its overseas deployment, following Chinese companies to go overseas to serve Chinese developers. At present, Rongyun can provide overall solutions for the export of communication services to countries and governments of the “Belt and Road”, with PaaS capabilities + application layer products to provide support for national-level communication projects with relatively weak technology; in the next 2 to 3 years, "Rongyun "Cloud" will increase PaaS service support for overseas localized developers in developed countries to expand overseas markets.

 "Rongyun" was founded in 2014. The core team comes from the Fetion team of China Mobile. It has only focused on the communication cloud track since its establishment 6 years ago. Affected by the epidemic, the global Internet communication cloud track has obviously changed from narrow to wide, which will enable "Rongyun" to achieve rapid growth in the domestic Internet, government and enterprise and overseas markets in 2020, and the number of users will increase exponentially, completing the annual revenue ahead of schedule To achieve profit goals.

Li Jinji, the founding partner of the eWTP Middle and Northeast Africa Regional Fund, which is co-led this round, said:

"I hope to support Rongyun's overseas layout with deeper operations, especially in the Middle East, and help "Rongyun" continue to globalize. "

Liu Min, executive general manager of Shenzhen Venture Capital Group, who led the joint investment in this round, believes:

As a company that provides basic capabilities in the field of cloud communications, "Rongyun" has strong development potential and room for development. "

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