Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Through the "AI Dexian Recruitment Officer" to achieve 90% + accuracy interview judgment, "Jinyu Smart" received tens of millions of equity financing from Dark Horse Fund

 "AI + recruitment is accelerating, and AI and digital office will become infrastructure in the future."

 learned that the AI ​​video interview SaaS service provider " Jinyu Smart " received tens of millions of equity financing from the Dark Horse Fund. This round of financing will be mainly used for AI R&D and engineering delivery, and continuously improve user experience through product upgrades; the other part will be used to build a service team to find the most suitable customers with advanced thinking in the early stage of business development to increase service capabilities and market share .

"Jinyu Intelligence" is an artificial intelligence company focusing on human resources , dedicated to using AI and RPA technology to create new products and solutions for various organizations. The core product is an AI video interview SaaS system called "AI Dexian Recruitment Officer", which has been applied to corporate customers such as Samsung China, Akasuo English Foreign Teachers Network, and Zhongyuan Bank to improve campus recruitment and sustainability The efficiency of social recruitment.

AI talent recruiters are based on the Talent DNA AI scoring model of deep learning and the industry-wide knowledge graph, and the state judgment and conversation management model based on the chapter-level NLP (Natural Language Processing Algorithm), which can achieve 90%+ accuracy interviews determination. The composite team that combines industry and technology can deeply integrate its own superior technology with the understanding of the HR industry, and design products with scientific methods to truly quantify the performance of interview behavior. In order to build the core competitiveness of AI talented recruiters' cognitive barriers + model precipitation + data accumulation.

Fang Xiaolei, CEO of "Jinyu Intelligence", shared with 36Kr that the penetration rate of AI+ recruitment in the industry will continue to increase, and the boundaries of AI+ technology empowered recruitment scenarios will continue to expand, from invitation automation, interview automation, to the realization of corporate talents The whole process of management is automated.

 The recruitment industry has experienced the 1.0 era of traditionally relying on human resources to complete recruitment; it has developed into the SaaS 2.0 era of using big data to collect resumes and applying RPA functions to post jobs with one click; since the release of Google’s BRET model in 2018, NLP technology has made great strides. Technological improvements such as modal algorithms have officially ushered in the SaaS 3.0 era of AI + recruitment. The development of AI technology, the popularization of digitization and intelligent office, the need for companies to improve human efficiency after the demographic dividend declines, and the current pain points of the original recruitment process have enabled AI recruitment startup companies to see the huge potential of the AI+ recruitment market and have invested in This tens of billions of blue ocean market.

Fang Xiaolei, CEO of Jinyu Intelligent, told 36Kr that just like the impact of SARS in 2003 on e-commerce, the epidemic at the beginning of this year brought tremendous changes to the entire recruitment industry. The performance of the domestic market is particularly outstanding. Before the epidemic, the applicants at the C-side and the HR at the B-side were not familiar with the online interview process. After the outbreak, due to epidemic prevention, people have moved the recruitment scenes and meeting scenes online, which also explains Why is there explosive growth in video conferencing software such as Tencent Meeting and ZOOM? Similarly, with the public's familiarity and recognition of the online video model, in the field of AI recruitment, AI interview SaaS service providers such as Jinyu Smart are also more likely to use interview invitations to verify industry-specific products and solutions.

At present, Jinyu Intelligent's AI Dexian recruiter products have made breakthrough progress in the five major industries of online education, retail, medicine, FMCG and finance, and have established benchmark customers in these five industries. The completion of benchmarking customers means that the AI ​​dynamic algorithm is determined. In the next step of market expansion, the verified multi-modal algorithm can be tested by customers, and the optimal model can be adjusted on this basis, which greatly reduces individual customers The time for customizing the POC shortens the POC cycle from one month to about one week.

The epidemic has promoted the development of the industry and has also prompted a large number of startup companies to enter the AI ​​recruitment industry. Representative foreign AI video service providers include Hirevue, which has mature customer cases since its establishment, and has been acquired by the Carlyle Group in the United States; while the domestic AI+ interview market is mixed, there are many "pseudo AI interview SaaS service providers". The main manifestation is that the "AI scoring model" provided by some service providers has low technical content and reliability, and cannot provide accurate interview judgment results that meet the expectations of recruiters; some service providers will hide behind the scenes when conducting POC with customers. AI conducts manual scoring and achieves customer acquisition through effective judgment. As a result, companies that have purchased services will lose confidence in AI recruitment because they have not recruited suitable candidates in practice, thereby reducing the trust in AI recruitment in the entire market Therefore, it is a relatively big challenge to help clients re-establish their confidence in AI interviews and enhance their trust in cooperation. 

On the basis of improving recruitment efficiency, more and more CEOs of companies will also propose to HR "new requirements" to help companies "live" better from the perspective of human resources, so that the role of HR is not limited to recruitment and compensation. Management etc. This requires HR's disposable energy and ability to invest in business operations. However, in reality, HR's daily energy will be occupied by repetitive tasks such as pre-recruitment and mid-term auditing, and it often has no time to consider the company's strategic management level. Recruitment through AI empowers, on the one hand, it can achieve 80% automation of the recruitment process and 90% accuracy of interview judgments, improving HR work efficiency and sense of value; on the other hand, after liberation from the traditional recruitment process, HR has more energy to participate In the company’s organizational management, it assists the company in making strategic decisions to improve organizational effectiveness. Therefore, AI+ recruitment not only meets the recruitment needs of enterprises, but also meets the general trend of HR function transformation.


About investment:

Mr. Hu Xiang, the managing partner of this round of investor Dark Horse Fund, said: “Using machines to replace manual interviews and recruitment is of great value for companies that need to interview a large number of recruitments and for companies that recruit technically threshold positions, but it also There are very high requirements for the capabilities of the machine. Jinyu Intelligence is one of the few companies that can provide AI interviews through leading artificial intelligence technology and a human evaluation system. We are looking forward to him."

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