Saturday, November 7, 2020

World Computer Conference | Guests on "Calculation" Brings New Ideas: Computing Power Generates New Kinetic Energy

 At present, the new generation of digital information technology represented by big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence is changing with each passing day, posing new requirements and challenges to the innovation and development of computer technology.

In the information age, "computing power is productivity" has become a global consensus, and the leapfrog development of the computing power empowering industry has become a trend. On the morning of November 3, the main forum of the 2020 World Computer Conference was held in Changsha. Academicians, experts, and entrepreneur representatives gathered to discuss "calculation", bringing a collision of top thinking in the computer industry. On the sidelines, related products empowered by 5G, VR, and artificial intelligence appeared in the innovative technology and product application achievement exhibition area, giving people a deep understanding of "computer is productivity".

Big coffee on "calculation" leading the forefront of the industry

Zhang Dongchen, General Manager of China Electronics Information Industry Group Co., Ltd., Liao Xiangke, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Gao Tao, Deputy General Manager of China Electronics Technology Group Co., Ltd., Hou Jinlong, Senior Vice President of Huawei and President of Cloud and Computing BG, Global Vice President of Dell Technology Group, China Liu Wei, general manager of the R&D group, Qi Xiangdong, chairman of QiAnxin Group, etc. came to the scene and delivered keynote speeches on computational thinking, intelligent applications, chip design, endogenous safety, ecological construction and future trends. The Turing Award winner and American computer scientist Allen Kay made a video speech.

Zhang Dongchen said in his speech that since the birth of computers, innovation has always been the main line of industrial development, and innovation genes have been rooted in China Electronics. At present, the new generation of digital information technology represented by big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence is changing with each passing day, posing new requirements and challenges to the innovation and development of computer technology.

So, what is the future trend of the computer industry?

Hou Jinlong believes that intelligent upgrading is the key to the core competitiveness of every city, enterprise and industry in the future, and intelligent body is the best way to achieve this goal. The intelligent body is an integrated intelligent system of cloud network side-end collaboration, and a technical reference architecture for the intelligent upgrade of government and enterprises. We will work with customers and partners to create an open ecosystem of symbiosis, co-creation and sharing, and leverage the advantages of technologies and resources of all parties to help local enterprises in Hunan to intelligently upgrade, realize full-scenario wisdom, and use computing power clusters to empower industrial clusters and create together The new value of the industry.

With the advent of the digital age, network security has become a top priority.

In this regard, Qi Xiangdong believes that the backplane of the digital age is network security. If there is no network security, it is like a barrel without a backplane. Therefore, data, network, and computing power must be based on network security. Safety protection can no longer take the "after-the-fact remedy" measures of "headache and foot pain", but must adopt the system of "prevention and control".

High-tech products are convenient for production and life

New technologies, new products, new applications...In the display area of ​​innovative technologies and product application achievements, you can feel the changes that my country's advanced computing industry has brought to production and life.

"This sand table demonstrates the entire production process of a digital workshop. It applies 5G, Internet of Things, machine vision, VR and other technologies to help companies realize the connection of all production factors such as humans, machines, and materials. The current platform is Sunward Intelligent, Jinbei Cable, etc. Enterprises have implemented hundreds of application scenarios." Hunan Unicom has brought the most cutting-edge innovative application results in 5G. Among them, "5G+Industrial Manufacturing" shows the entire production process of the digital workshop, and the scene simulates a series of complete processes such as taking materials from the library, assembly line processing, assembly, air tightness testing, quality inspection, and storage in the automobile engine assembly workshop. , Aims to demonstrate the comprehensive application of digital, unmanned, and networked technologies in the production workshop.

Wearing VR glasses, you can enjoy the beauty of the field without going out; to communicate with the hearing impaired, simultaneous sign language interpreter can help you translate into sign language expression in real time... High-tech products provide convenience and happiness for ordinary people's lives.

"Hello, welcome to the World Computer Conference. I am very happy to meet so many people, but I am also a little nervous." Yan Xiangling, director of the Special Education Department of Changsha Qianbo Information Technology Co., Ltd., said this. A virtual cartoon character on the screen immediately expressed this sentence through sign language. Changsha Qianbo Information Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in artificial intelligence sign language broadcasting. The products developed by the company have been applied in television stations, special education schools, public services and other fields to help the hearing impaired better integrate into society.

Of course, the computer conference is not even less high-tech computer products. In the exhibition area, China Electronics brought its own nationwide computer system-"PKS". According to the staff, the biggest feature of this whole machine has been shown in the letters. "P" uses the domestic Feiteng CPU, "K" uses the domestic Kylin operating system, and "S" represents the entire computer Three-dimensional protection safety system.

Kunpeng server, China Great Wall Computer... "Compute Hunan Army" shines at the exhibition. Hunan has made fruitful achievements in the computer field, breaking through a series of key core technologies such as graphics processor chips, solid-state hard disk controller chips, and building a characteristic industry with PK system and Kunpeng computing as the core, integrating chips, operating systems, services, and software and hardware. The ecology has become the development highland of the computer industry in central China.

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