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Luo Lin: The future blockchain unicorn enterprise may be born here

 The development pattern of the domestic blockchain industry

With the continuous development of social informatization and intelligence, blockchain, as an important infrastructure for the next generation of communication networks, is leading a new round of technological and industrial changes worldwide. From a global perspective, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea are competing to develop blockchain and promote the development and application of blockchain technology. From a national perspective, all localities have spoken out one after another.

First, the eastern region places more emphasis on basic R&D and original innovation of blockchain technology.

Relevant local government work reports show that Beijing proposes to strengthen key core technology research, focusing on 5G, semiconductors, new energy, car networking, blockchain and other fields, supporting new research and development institutions, universities, scientific research institutions, and leading technology companies to develop strategies Collaboration and joint research. Jiangsu Province proposed to focus on cultivating and expanding the "three new" economy, and strengthen technological innovation and industrial applications such as artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain. Fujian Province proposed to implement special actions for blockchain technology innovation and industry cultivation.

Second, the central and western regions are more inclined to the industry leading role of blockchain to accelerate local economic development.

Chongqing City proposes to build a batch of application facilities that integrate "5G+", artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies to promote the high-quality development of the Chengdu-Chongqing Twin City Economic Circle; Shaanxi Province proposes to explore the application of "blockchain + industry" Demonstration; Sichuan Province proposes to seize the industrial highlands such as blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, 5G network applications, and ultra-high-definition video; Hainan Province proposes to make the Hainan Ecological Software Park and other key parks special and strengthen the development of games Digital economy industries such as export, intelligent IoT, blockchain, digital trade, and financial technology.

The development prospects of blockchain technology in the country can be viewed from two aspects.

On the one hand, large companies are accelerating their deployment in the technical field of blockchain, while small and medium-sized enterprises continue to promote technological innovation; on the other hand, in terms of regional development, it has become obvious that Beijing, Hangzhou, and Shenzhen have formed three leading blockchain industry developments. pattern. Among them, Beijing has a relatively good blockchain financing environment, Hangzhou has gathered a group of technology companies with relatively mature blockchain technology, and Shenzhen has the advantage of a policy of first trying out new technology applications.

As a national digital economy innovation development experimental zone and a national new generation artificial intelligence innovation development experimental zone, Chongqing has received strong support from the municipal party committee, municipal government and relevant municipal departments to develop the blockchain industry. The blockchain industry ecology continues to form and social influence growing. According to the "2019 China Blockchain Industry Park Development Report" released by the CCID Blockchain Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the comprehensive competitiveness of blockchain bases ranks fifth in the country and enters the first echelon.

According to statistics, the three major economic circles of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao use 2.8% of the country’s land to gather about 18% of the population and contribute about 38% of GDP, while the entire western region occupies 71% of the land area. , GDP only accounts for about 20% of the country. Therefore, there is more room and more opportunities for the development of the blockchain industry in the western region. Welcome to Chongqing, the only municipality in the central and western regions, to develop and grow.

Four new measures give new opportunities to the industry

According to a reporter from "Securities Daily", the four new measures introduced by the state have brought greater development space and more development opportunities to the majority of blockchain practitioners.

One is that the central bank's digital renminbi brings "new connotations" to the blockchain. Blockchain technology born out of Bitcoin has been affected by negative images such as ICO and cutting leek in the currency circle. The emergence of digital RMB has improved the image of blockchain. The digital renminbi not only borrows blockchain technology and thinking in the development process, but also the encrypted assets based on blockchain technology accelerate the launch of digital renminbi, and blockchain technology is expected to shine again after its launch. The digital renminbi adheres to the principle of technology neutrality and does not preset a technical route. From the perspective of the central bank, the central bank can adapt to whether it is a blockchain or a centralized account system.

Second, the National Development and Reform Commission has made it clear that the "new infrastructure" has given the blockchain a "new role." On April 20, the National Development and Reform Commission held a regular online press conference to formally clarify the scope of the "new infrastructure". Blockchain technology, together with 5G, artificial intelligence, etc., as the new role of information infrastructure, are included in the scope of "new infrastructure". For the "new infrastructure" in the block chain industry prospects, people people network gives a rather optimistic forecast: 2025 block chain industrial scale up to 38.9 billion yuan.

Third, the release of the new profession of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security means that the blockchain has ushered in a "new type of work". In early July, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security announced 9 new occupations, including two new blockchain occupations: "Blockchain Engineering Technician" and "Blockchain Application Operator". The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security believes that blockchain technology has laid a solid foundation for "credit" and has broad application prospects. The demand for blockchain engineering and technical personnel and application operators will increase. Li Yinke, secretary-general of the Blockchain Special Committee of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, revealed in an interview with a reporter from the Securities Daily that the preparation of national vocational skill standards for "blockchain application operators" led by the special committee has officially started. "Blockchain application operator" is a bridge between technology and industry, and can promote the development of blockchain technology and industry innovation.

Fourth, the new four-board pilot program of the China Securities Regulatory Commission provides a "new scenario" for the blockchain. In early July, the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued a document to approve five regional equity markets in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shenzhen to carry out pilot projects for blockchain construction. It is understood that Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other places have successfully connected the blockchain supervision of the Securities Regulatory Commission, and further promoted the blockchain construction of the New Fourth Board market.

Combining some of my thoughts, I think that blockchain will be well applied in the following aspects, and with the continuous improvement of blockchain technology, unicorn companies will be born in each segment.

Smart city: smart healthcare, smart education, smart elderly care, smart transportation, smart parking, etc.;

Government affairs: e-government, government data sharing, administrative approval, identity authentication, smart party building, market supervision, bidding, performance appraisal, file management, electronic contracts, collaborative office, etc.;

Finance: supply chain finance, supply chain management, inclusive finance, financing for small, medium and micro enterprises, cross-border payment, point system, etc.;

Big data: data storage certificate, data right confirmation, data transaction, data circulation, etc.;

Information security: privacy protection, information attack source tracing, network monitoring attack discovery, threat warning and intelligence sharing, etc.;

Social governance: illegal parking, public rental housing management, floating population management, party style and clean government construction, etc.;

Intelligent manufacturing: simulation cloud, product monitoring, product management, etc.;

Product traceability: food traceability, drug traceability, high-end agricultural products traceability, luxury goods traceability, etc.;

Big health: medical beauty, insurance supplies, health management, medical products, etc.;

Credit system: credit transactions, credit management, etc.

Chongqing Blockchain Industry Development Model

Seize the opportunity

As the mother city of Chongqing, Yuzhong District is also a place for Internet celebrities to check in. There is no industry and no agriculture in Yuzhong. The main industry is modern service industry. However, Yuzhong District has a strong economy, with a GDP of more than 6 billion per square kilometer, ranking among the top three in the country; it has a good foundation, with more than 3,000 Internet companies, with an output value of 10 billion yuan; convenient transportation, with light rail 2, 3, Lines 5, 9, 18 and Metro Line 1 pass through the city; the facilities are complete, with talent apartments, white-collar canteens, gyms, coffee bars, shopping paradise, etc. To this end, the Yuzhong District Committee and District Government decided to vigorously develop the blockchain industry.

Seize the opportunity

2017 block chain line industry is still in the savage state of development, the seven ministries and non-ICO, still waiting to see in some provinces and cities, when questioned, Chongqing first to raise his flag, set up by former Chongqing Municipal Committee, United Front Work Department as leader The leading group of the Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology and the Yuzhong District Government jointly established Chongqing’s first provincial and ministerial-level blockchain industry innovation base, and established a special work class with four division-level leaders as the working group leader and deputy leader , Appoint a dedicated person to be responsible for the investment, operation and management of the base. In April 2020, the industrial innovation base was upgraded to "Chongqing Blockchain Digital Economy Industrial Park". In August this year, the Municipal Party Committee Organization Department approved the establishment of the "Chongqing Blockchain Digital Economy Industrial Park Management Committee".

Chongqing block chain digital economy industrial park is located near the tiger rock Yuzhong high nine road, Chongqing "island chain" smart industrial agglomeration area, covering cover US source US sources, such as the headquarters city, vision waves plant, Xietaizi Lot , The planned carrier area is more than 1 million square meters. The park has a carrier area of ​​more than 400,000 square meters. It has introduced 2 world-renowned companies such as Inspur and IBM, and cultivated more than 10 local well-known companies such as Jinwowo, Bangbanglian, Xiaoxi Intelligent , Deakin, etc. and landed in Venus Star and Hollysys , suddenly meters net more than, biobanks, North source 60 and other related enterprises, contract interest chain byte beating five other companies, talking about more than 50 leading enterprises and institutions, the establishment of two provincial-level block chain alliance, The construction of the Saibao Blockchain Testing and Certification Center, the CCID Blockchain Research Institute Talent Training Center, the IBM Blockchain Joint Innovation Laboratory, and the Inspur Blockchain "One Belt One Road R&D and Operation Center" and other supporting systems for production, education and research are expected The output value reaches 10 billion yuan.

Value support

The Chongqing Municipal Party Committee included the blockchain in the "Chongqing City’s Strategic Action Plan for Innovation-Driven Development Led by Big Data Intelligence (2018-2020)". The municipal government has included blockchain in the Municipal Government’s Work Report for three consecutive years. , The main leaders of the municipal government held a special meeting to study and deploy to accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation.

At the same time, in terms of application investment, the "Chongqing City New Infrastructure Major Project Construction Action Plan (2020-2022)" pointed out the relevant plans for exploring the application of new generation information technologies such as blockchain, and the establishment of professional fields Information security service platforms such as forensics, digital signatures, and password management. Plan to implement 7 projects with an investment of about 900 million yuan; for the Internet of Things, blockchain and other industries, to build a monitoring and early warning platform with the capabilities of network attack detection and discovery, network traffic analysis and monitoring, threat warning and intelligence sharing. Plan to implement 8 projects with an investment of about 900 million yuan; focus on intelligent application scenarios in areas such as government management, public services, and social governance, and create a batch of application facilities that integrate "5G+", artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies . 42 projects are planned to be implemented, with an investment of about 20 billion yuan.

development Goals

By 2025, it will gather more than 300 domestic blockchain companies, implement more than 300 application projects, achieve an output value of 50 billion yuan, cultivate 3-5 unicorn companies, and strive to create a national-level blockchain development pilot zone. Specific development ideas:

One is to gather high-end industries. Relying on the high-end carrier of 800,000 square meters in the headquarters city, build high-end industries such as industrial Internet, industrial software design, letter creation, and digital content with blockchain as the core.

The second is to cultivate high-end enterprises. Implement point-to-point, one-to-one precise investment promotion for high-quality blockchain companies at home and abroad, and select 10-15 companies from the companies that have settled in the blockchain digital economy industrial park for key cultivation, and provide support from funds, policies, and projects .

The third is to host high-end summits. Relying on the China International Intelligent Industry Expo, 2-3 top blockchain events are held every year to continue to promote the Chongqing blockchain industry, expand Chongqing's national and international influence, and create a good industrial atmosphere.

The fourth is to build a high-end platform. Based on Inspur's happy office shared service platform, China Mobile 's BSN service platform, IBM's BaSS service platform, Zhongke Xingtai's Dolphin blockchain cloud service platform, etc., to create a "leading western, first-class national" blockchain industry highland .

The fifth is to gather high-end talents. In response to high-end blockchain talents, Chongqing has introduced the Hongyan Plan and the Talent Plan, and regularly holds high-end talent summits every year to introduce first-class blockchain talents at home and abroad.

Sixth, improve the system and mechanism. A joint meeting is held every month to regularly study the difficulties and problems faced in the development of the blockchain industry to help blockchain companies grow bigger and stronger.

Seven is to strengthen cooperation between Chengdu and Chongqing. Chongqing has strengthened its cooperation with Chengdu University of Electronic Science and Technology, and plans to establish the "Chongqing-Electronic Science University Blockchain Digital Economy Research Institute" to carry out all-round cooperation in blockchain industry planning, core technology research, high-end talent training, and achievement transformation.

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