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To build an online quantum computing cloud platform, "Essential Quantum" wants to make quantum computing from an experimental product to a product that everyone can use

With breakthroughs in scientific research and engineering progress in quantum computing in 2020, quantum computing has once again attracted attention. The superposition policy is favorable, and the wealth effect of the secondary market, the primary market’s attention to quantum computing has increased. 

The Quanyuan we have recently contacted was established in September 2017 and is an early entry into the field of quantum computing in China. The team technology originated from the Key Laboratory of Quantum Information of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, led by two leading figures in the quantum computing industry-Academician Guo Guangcan and Professor Guo Guoping. The original quantum R&D expert team is composed of academicians of quantum computing and the chief scientist of the Super 973 project of the Ministry of Science and Technology. The core R&D team members are all PhDs in computer and physics from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. They include most of China’s quantum computing talents. The company’s R&D personnel account for more than 75%. The team members are mainly post-90s. Currently headquartered in Hefei High-tech Zone, with branches in Chengdu and Shenzhen.

1. Research and develop 6-bit quantum computer to build an online quantum computing cloud platform

Although many people think that quantum computers are still a "vision for the future," they have also been implemented in recent years. Yuanyuan Quantum has developed the first quantum computer this year, named "Wuyuan", assembled by the 6-bit quantum chip "Kwafu". It adopts a superconducting solution and is benchmarked against IBM's 2017 products and is open to the world. Appointment use of superconducting quantum cloud computing.

This quantum computer is self-developed from quantum chip, quantum measurement and control, quantum software, quantum cloud, quantum computer control system, and quantum computing software system.

In terms of quantum chips, Benyuan has more than 10 kinds of quantum computing chips and quantum function chip products, and has developed the first-generation semiconductor 2-bit quantum processor Xuanwei XW B2-100 and the first-generation superconducting 6-bit superconductor. The parent quantum processor KF C6-130. 

In the field of quantum measurement and control, Origin has successfully developed the first domestic quantum computer control system-OriginQ Quantum AIO, the first-generation quantum measurement and control all-in-one machine. This quantum measurement and control all-in-one machine has independent intellectual property rights and fills the domestic gap of such instruments. At the end of 2019, the first domestic customized quantum measurement and control product system covering standard instruments to cryogenic electronic devices was completed. And in September 2020, a 32-bit domestic quantum computer control system was released. 

In terms of quantum software, Yuanyuan developed the first set of quantum language standards in China, QRunes, and developed the first domestic quantum programming framework QPanda (a composite architecture of quantum language and compiler), the first domestic quantum computing application framework pyQPanda, and the first domestic quantum Program development plug-in Qurator-VSCode.

In September 2019, ChemiQ, the original quantum chemistry application system, was officially unveiled. It is the world's first quantum computer application software, which can be used to simulate and calculate the corresponding energy of chemical molecules under different bond lengths, and provide the application of quantum computing in the field of chemistry. Foundation to help relevant personnel explore the application of quantum computing and promote the process of biotechnology research and development. 

In the field of quantum cloud, Benyuan has developed a free experience platform for quantum computing based on 32-bit quantum virtual machines, successfully simulated 64-bit quantum circuits, and calculated the feasibility of 72-bit quantum circuit simulation, breaking the 56-bit simulation record created by IBM last year . It also launched a 64-bit virtual machine paid service, provided quantum simulator access services for scientific research institutes and universities, and customized specific quantum computing solutions for customers.

The original superconducting quantum computing cloud platform launched in September 2020 provides two online programming methods: graphical programming and code programming. It has developed and launched three typical quantum programming methods for complex network sequencing, handwritten number recognition, and user preference behavior prediction. Application for users to learn and use.

Origin Quantum has been focusing on the construction of completely independent intellectual property rights. Recently, in the global quantum computing technology invention patent rankings released by the intellectual property industry media IPRdaily and the incoPat Innovation Index Research Center, Origin Quantum ranked 7th with 77 patents, and the top 6 were IBM, D-Wave, Google, Microsoft, Northrop Grumman, Intel.

2. Talent is one of the most important barriers to the direction of quantum computers at this stage

 As the country calls for learning quantum computing, the importance and cutting edge of quantum computing have begun to be recognized. The reason why the original quantum can realize the shipment of quantum computers is also related to its team background.

The company's technology originated from the quantum computing research team of the Key Laboratory of Quantum Information of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China. The Key Laboratory of Quantum Information of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is the first provincial and ministerial key laboratory in the field of quantum information in my country. The laboratory has long been engaged in the theoretical and experimental research of quantum communication and quantum computing, and has produced a series of world-class original innovative scientific research results. It is one of the important training bases for talents in the field of quantum information in China, and has undertaken many major projects. The main research directions are semiconductor quantum chips, quantum entangled networks, quantum integrated optical chips, practical quantum cryptography and quantum theory, etc.

The company’s chief science and technology advisor, Academician Guo Guangcan, is a professor at the University of Science and Technology of China, director of the Key Laboratory of Quantum Information of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is currently the executive director of the Chinese Physical Society and the chairman of the Chinese Optical Society. He has long been engaged in theoretical and experimental research on quantum optics, quantum communication and quantum computing. The medium and long-term plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology "Quantum Control" major project "Quantum Communication and Quantum Computing Physics Realization", the Chinese Academy of Sciences Class B pilot special project "Quantum Physics and Quantum Information Based on Solid State Systems" and the National Fund Committee Major Instrument Special "Multifunctional Solid State" Chief Scientist of Quantum Memory. He was elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2003 and an academician of the Third World Academy of Sciences in 2009. The founder and chief scientist Professor Guo Guoping has made many important achievements in the field of practical quantum computing. He has published more than 100 papers in major international academic journals, has more than 30 quantum computing-related patents, and was successfully selected as the winner of the National Outstanding Youth Fund. Leading talent of the National "Ten Thousand Talents Program", Professor Yangtze River Young Scholar. 

Talent is one of the most important barriers to the direction of quantum computers at this stage. The original quantum R&D expert team is composed of academicians of quantum computing and the chief scientist of the Super 973 project of the Ministry of Science and Technology. The core R&D team members are all PhDs in the fields of computer and physics from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, including most of China's quantum computing talents. At present, the company's R&D personnel account for more than 75%, and the team members are mainly post-90s. The education level is mainly undergraduate in national key universities. Among them, doctoral talents account for 11%, masters or higher accounted for 40%, and undergraduates or higher 92%. 

Original part of the team

Original part of the team

In fact, there is no direct major in quantum computing in China. Quantum science talents are scarce. According to estimates, in 2018 there will be no more than 1,000 top-tier talents in the world and no more than 100 in China. Many universities abroad have opened quantum science majors, but in China, only the University of Science and Technology of China has been involved. At present, the team members are all optical and quantum-related professional scientific researchers, and they will conduct cross-border training after being introduced to the company. In the future, as quantum science may be set as a first-level discipline, universities will also begin to attach importance to the cultivation of talents in the field of quantum science, and the talent pool may be further supplemented. 

3. Catch up with the international advanced level and strengthen ecological construction

The original strategic goal is full-stack development, directly against foreign quantum computing companies IBM, Rigetti, etc. The 6-bit superconducting quantum computer "Wuyuan" launched this year by Yuanyuan is benchmarked against IBM's 2017 5-bit quantum computer. It is expected that by the end of this year, the 2-bit semiconductor computer "Wumoto" will be launched to benchmark Intel's 2018 level. From the current progress, the company's gap with IBM in the direction of superconducting technology is about 3 years, and in the semiconductor technology path, the gap with the benchmark Intel is about 2 years.

The company said that the theory of technological singularity reminds us that scientific research is likely to make rapid progress suddenly, and the gap between just two or three years is likely to suddenly widen at some point. For example, in September of this year, IBM released a roadmap for expanding quantum technology, which shows that IBM quantum computers will achieve 127 bits in 2021, 433 bits in 2022, and 1121 bits in 2023. After that, the number of qubits will reach millions. .

In fact, the current quantum computer is still in its early stages, and its supporting facilities are completely immature. Compared with IBM and Intel, Essence Quantum also needs to overcome more problems in the production of quantum computers. At present, the supporting facilities used by the source are all reformed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences based on the progress of scientific research and engineering and relying on the existing computer industry chain. In the future, we hope to be able to build production lines. At present, companies such as TSMC and Foxconn's parent company Hon Hai Group have begun to deploy quantum computing. Based on their industrial background, cooperation or competition in industrial supporting facilities may occur in the future.

At the same time, computers are not only hardware itself, but also software and ecology. The chemical application system ChemiQ released by the source in September 2019 is the world's first quantum computer application software. The team told 36Kr that this is the world's first quantum computer application software, about 3 months earlier than Microsoft and Google. 

However, for quantum computing to land, more applications of this kind are needed. Cultivate a quantum computing ecosystem. In December 2019, Origin Quantum initiated China’s first quantum computing industry alliance OQIA (Origin Quantum Industry Alliance), cooperating with 709 Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, China Science Brain , Harbin Institute of Technology Robotics Group, Zhentian Chain, China ocean University of Science and Technology from the cloud, the ship Peng force, desert Boxing 10 coalition partners working together to develop all kinds of applications in quantum computing scenarios, plus speed research made practical quantum computer, quantum computing to promote industrial development. On September 7, 2020, Essence Quantum and CCB Financial Technology will jointly build a quantum financial application laboratory. In the future, it will focus on application scenarios in the financial field to promote the construction of quantum ecology and its coordinated development with the financial industry.

Companies such as Google have now begun to enter the domestic market, and Yuanyuan Quantum will also increase its promotion efforts to accelerate ecological construction and talent training. For example, in March 2019, Benyuan launched the first online quantum education platform in China, the Benyuan Quantum Education Cloud Platform, and opened a large number of quantum teaching courses for free. In September of the same year, Benyuan released the first professional quantum computing and programming textbook "Introduction to Quantum Computing and Programming" in China. In addition, Benyuan is cooperating with universities and research institutes to provide quantum computing learning tools for university students and researchers, and promote the learning and application of quantum algorithms and quantum software in advance of university institutes. At present, the source has established a stable high-end instrumentation supply relationship with key universities such as Tsinghua University, University of Science and Technology of China, Nanjing University, Chengdu University of Electronic Technology, Southern University of Science and Technology.

In May 2019, the first batch of sub-learning machines from Benyuan Quantum Corporation began to donate to a number of domestic first-class universities, including Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Harbin Institute of Technology, Xidian University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology. In August this year, the source released the first domestic quantum computing full physical system learning machine.

Funds are undoubtedly one of the most important resources to do this. The main funds for the initial three years of Quanyuan Quantum came from scientific research funding, financing, and government assets. The salary of team members was mostly lower than the salary of the previous work. Recently, the company is conducting a new round of financing, and it is expected to raise about 300 million yuan. The funds raised will be used to increase employee salaries, build a low-temperature test platform (150 million has been invested), and a nano-processing platform. 

It is worth mentioning that in January 2019, Airbus launched the Global Challenge quantum computing, quantum computing invite the world's 36 teams, more than 800 researchers participating, hope to use quantum computing solutions when this world on physics related to flight The most difficult and complex problem to test and evaluate the latest available computing power. At that time, the contest proposed including aircraft climb optimization, computational fluid dynamics for solving partial differential quantum neural network equations, wing design optimization, aircraft loading optimization problem. Quanyuan Quantum was invited to participate in the competition, developed an efficient quantum fluid dynamics algorithm, and entered the finals. The results of the challenge are expected to be announced at the end of this year.

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