Thursday, November 26, 2020

The strategic cooperation between Wasu and Alibaba has been upgraded in an all-round way, with the launch of "Huashu Meow"

 The two high-tech Hangzhou enterprises continue to join forces with deeper cooperation and broader business.

Recently, Wasu Digital TV Media Group Co., Ltd. and Alibaba (China) Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Xixi Park of Alibaba. Both parties will build on the advantages of their respective resources to develop new infrastructure, new technologies, new scenarios, and new "Media" and other fields, comprehensively improve the level of strategic cooperation. The site also released by both parties to create a joint wisdom home court scene new service - "the number of China meow."

At the ceremony, Alibaba and Wasu signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The persons in charge of both parties respectively introduced and demonstrated the content of strategic cooperation, new scenarios of smart homes and technical capabilities, and jointly launched product cooperation in new scenarios of smart homes.

Strategic cooperation in-depth advancement of the four "new" areas

Over the years, Wasu and Alibaba have carried out in-depth cooperation in various business levels such as Internet TV broadcast control, Youku content, Alibaba Cloud CDN and Internet technology, and have achieved fruitful results. The next five years will be a critical period for my country to further implement the "14th Five-Year Plan" and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of a digital and intelligent society. This will also bring new development opportunities for both parties in the field of digital economy. Based on a common vision for the development of a digital economy, a sound foundation for cooperation, and unique resource advantages, the two parties reached a consensus on comprehensively improving the strategic partnership in the new era, and reached a consensus on the specific content of comprehensively improving strategic cooperation.

Alibaba Group is committed to continuously deepening the corporate strategy of "data intelligence, network collaboration"; Wasu Group, as a leader in the field of smart radio and television, proposed a new round of strategic development of "intelligent radio and television integrated operator, digital economy service provider" Positioning. Combining their actual conditions, the two parties clarified the specific content of this comprehensive promotion of strategic cooperation——

In the field of "new infrastructure", it mainly includes cooperation in cloud computing, basic network, edge computing, industrial Internet of things and smart terminals; in the field of "new technology", it focuses on exploring new technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and digital twins. Application scenarios, especially the use of blockchain technology in various fields of media convergence and radio and television; in the field of "new media", including license broadcast control services, high-definition video production, entertainment content services and the expansion of operators’ private network channels Cooperate with the general content of local life; in terms of "new scenarios", the focus is on the joint development of in-depth business cooperation on new scenarios such as smart homes and digital governance, future communities , and urban governance.

"Huashu Meow" will start a new life of smart home

At the scene, Huashu and Alibaba are jointly developing and testing a new scene innovation service for smart homes—the "Huashu Miao" series debuted. The service plan with Ali Dharma hospital operator force to support the cloud, through the "wake-up joint optimization" blind source separation "" "fluidized cloud" technology, for different terminal types, the "cloud meow" "meow big" "small With different services and terminal modes such as "meow", relying on the conditions of Wasu's broadband private network, we are committed to creating a new type of smart home services and application scenarios that combine true cloud and terminal.

In the future, "Huashu Meow" plans to integrate all of Wasu’s own businesses such as TV channels, on-demand and information services, Ali ecological businesses such as Youku, Tmall Elf, and local life services (e.g. Are you hungry), as well as families such as smart homes. Internet of Things services are expected to achieve product enhancement, user experience and service enhancement in the home scenario.

Through “new infrastructure”, “new consumption” will be stimulated, “new services” will be provided, “new governance” will be promoted, and “new track” will be developed.

As two large enterprises that grew up in Hangzhou and developed in Hangzhou, Wasu Group and Alibaba Group will comprehensively enhance their strategic cooperation this time, which will not only enhance the core competitiveness of the two companies in the field of digital economy, but will also strive to create a " "Important Window" and Hangzhou's construction of "National Digital Economy First City" and "National Digital Governance First City" play a positive role in satisfying the people's yearning for a better life.

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