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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Another $2.8 billion, Amazon bets on the Indian market

In India, continued efforts to cloud computing and e-commerce.

In Amazon's layout, India's position is becoming more and more important.

According to TechCrunch, Amazon will invest approximately US$2.8 billion in Telangana in southern India to establish a new AWS cloud region. The project is scheduled to be completed in mid-2022. This will be Amazon's second cloud computing region in India.

In an interview with the media, the chief analyst of consulting firm Convergence Catalyst mentioned that by having more cloud regions in India, Amazon will more easily comply with the country's data localization policy. This compliance will also help Amazon attract more customers in the Indian cloud computing market.

According to data from the market research organization IDC, it is estimated that by 2024, India's public cloud market will be worth 7 billion U.S. dollars.

In addition to cloud computing, Amazon e-commerce is also tilting more resources to India, especially in the field of e-commerce.

In the latest quarter’s previous earnings report, Amazon’s Chief Financial Officer Brian Olsavsky said: “With the growth of sales, the company will continue to increase investment in the international market, especially in the Indian market, without being affected by the epidemic. influences."

Technology investor Gene Munster said in an interview with CNBC that India may contribute 15%-20% of Amazon's growth in the next five years. Up to now, Amazon has invested 6.5 billion US dollars in Indian business.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

"Rongyun" completes hundreds of millions of RMB in Series D financing, and the cloud communication track continues to be favored by capital

The global Internet communication cloud manufacturer "Rongyun" completed hundreds of millions of RMB in Series D financing, which was jointly led by the eWTP Middle and Northeast Africa Regional Fund and Shenzhen Capital Group.

This year, the cloud through faith Speedway continues to be optimistic about the capital. Wang Cheng, chairman of "Rongyun", believes that there are two reasons. First, from the perspective of the development cycle, the development of the cloud communications industry is still at an early stage with a potential market space of 100 billion yuan. The second is the promotion of the epidemic and the remote government and enterprises. The service scene gradually becomes just needed, and the cloud communication track presses the accelerator key.

Specifically for "Rongyun", this financing is mainly used to continue to build global cloud communication capabilities, specifically in two aspects:

First, continue to improve the "full" communication capabilities of graphics, text, audio and video, and focus on increasing R&D investment in real-time audio and video products;

The second is the continuous R&D and optimization of the global cloud communication network. At the same time, it will further expand the global market. In the countries and governments of the “Belt and Road”, the overall solution of communication services will be exported, and the PaaS capability + application layer products will provide support for national projects. In developed countries, it will consider opening branches to meet the needs of overseas developers' PaaS capabilities.

As a technology-based enterprise, "Rongyun" mainly provides developers and enterprises with secure, reliable, low-latency, high-concurrency communication cloud technology capabilities, through "IM instant messaging + RTC real-time audio and video + Push push" one-stop communication Cloud services, with a set of SDK to meet the needs of all communication scenarios, reduce development time and costs, and improve product development efficiency.

Among them, Rongyun real-time audio and video can ensure good interaction for customers in a weak network environment, with an anti-packet loss rate of 80% for audio and 40% for video; in terms of call quality, video can provide a resolution of up to 1080P and a frame rate of up to 30FPS. , Especially suitable for special high-definition scenes. Rongyun's real-time audio and video services can also be applied on multiple types of platforms to achieve platform-level interoperability and achieve full coverage of common real-time audio and video scenarios.

Moreover, based on the characteristics and business needs of different industries, "Rongyun" can provide multiple deployment modes including public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud, and provide industry-specific solutions in a targeted manner. Not only that, "Rongyun" has also built a communications cloud network (SD-CAN) covering 233 countries and regions around the world, and has set up multiple data centers and thousands of nodes around the world.

By SD-CAN high-quality access points around the world, combined with the financial research from the cloud of the most excellent chain path scheduling algorithm, dynamic text, pictures, audio and video distributed to end-users to quickly solve cross-border, cross-operator, large-scale users access This causes problems such as slow response, high packet loss, and unstable service.

Up to now, the "Rongyun" communication cloud service has fully covered government affairs, finance, transportation, energy, medical, social, live broadcast, e-commerce, education and other industries and provided scenario-based solutions. The daily message peak is 221.8 billion, and the average daily call The number of minutes is 260 million, the average daily message volume is 15 billion, and the number of SDK users reaches over 5 billion. 

Currently serving Chinese customers include Industrial and Commercial Bank of China , China Mobile , Sichuan Airlines, CCTV Weishi, Zoomlion, New Oriental, Codingmao , Walnut Programming , Lexue Gaokao , Lufax , Sunac Real Estate, IDG, Huaxing Capital , Auto Home, Easy Car, Get APP, Lychee, Hello Travel, Lai Crazy Live Broadcast, Dou Mi , Tubat Rabbit, etc.

Currently serving Chinese overseas customers include: Opera, StarMaker, Lispon, Razer Pay, Famy, Unico live, EleLive, MiniJoy, Castbox, COCO, StarStar, etc.

After this round of financing, the strategic direction of "Rongyun" will continue to make efforts in the domestic Internet, government-enterprise, and smart hardware markets as well as overseas markets. 

In the Internet, government-enterprise, and hardware smart markets, "Rongyun" has taken root deeply. In the Internet market, "Rongyun" is a communications cloud giant hidden behind 300,000 apps. Because more than 250,000 developers are using "Rongyun", these hundreds of thousands of developers not only bring about customer accumulation, but also It can also help products to iterate quickly; in the government and enterprise markets, "Rongyun" has fully supported the combination of localized chips, operating systems, middleware, and database components. In the future, it will continue to support the localization process and contribute to China's government and enterprise markets. Basic ability to communicate.

Overseas markets are also the development focus of "Rongyun". As early as 2016, "Rongyun" completed its overseas deployment, following Chinese companies to go overseas to serve Chinese developers. At present, Rongyun can provide overall solutions for the export of communication services to countries and governments of the “Belt and Road”, with PaaS capabilities + application layer products to provide support for national-level communication projects with relatively weak technology; in the next 2 to 3 years, "Rongyun "Cloud" will increase PaaS service support for overseas localized developers in developed countries to expand overseas markets.

 "Rongyun" was founded in 2014. The core team comes from the Fetion team of China Mobile. It has only focused on the communication cloud track since its establishment 6 years ago. Affected by the epidemic, the global Internet communication cloud track has obviously changed from narrow to wide, which will enable "Rongyun" to achieve rapid growth in the domestic Internet, government and enterprise and overseas markets in 2020, and the number of users will increase exponentially, completing the annual revenue ahead of schedule To achieve profit goals.

Li Jinji, the founding partner of the eWTP Middle and Northeast Africa Regional Fund, which is co-led this round, said:

"I hope to support Rongyun's overseas layout with deeper operations, especially in the Middle East, and help "Rongyun" continue to globalize. "

Liu Min, executive general manager of Shenzhen Venture Capital Group, who led the joint investment in this round, believes:

As a company that provides basic capabilities in the field of cloud communications, "Rongyun" has strong development potential and room for development. "

Using AIot technology to empower traditional agriculture, "Yunyang Data" completes tens of millions of RMB Pre-A round of financing

 that “ Yunyang Data ” , an integrated operation service provider for smart agriculture, recently announced the completion of a Pre-A round of financing for tens of millions of people. The investor is Jiazi Qihang and other institutions, and the main funds are used for research and development and building a sales team.

"Yunyang Data" is a service provider of smart agricultural products and solutions for facility planting in agricultural planting. Since its establishment, it has used advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and big data to transform traditional agriculture, and deeply integrate AIoT technology with agricultural production technology to help customers achieve cost reduction, efficiency improvement, quality increase and income.

Greenhouse application field of "Yunyang Data"

Specifically, the product system of "Yunyang Data" can be divided into hardware and software systems. The hardware system includes intelligent perception system and intelligent control system. The intelligent perception system can realize real-time monitoring of air, soil, light and insect conditions; the intelligent control system can replace manpower to realize mechanized intelligent ventilation, atomization, fertilization, sunshade, rolling door operation, etc. The software system provides Internet of Things management, smart planting management, traceability management and big data management based on the cloud platform through the PC and app terminals.

The core competitiveness of "Yunyang Data" lies in its "planting model". In the early days of its establishment, Yunyang Data started from practice and looked for cases with good actual planting effects. The planting process of excellent cases was input into the model library through the Internet of Things, and the planting model was developed through cooperation with agricultural experts from the Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other institutions. Optimize and conduct experimental tests in the experimental base to establish the "optimal planting model".

At present, the service process of "Yunyang Data" can be summarized as: data perception through intelligent hardware, uploading planting environment, soil environment, light, growth, disease and insect pests and other data to the cloud platform. The data is deposited on the platform and matched with the optimal "planting model" in the intelligent analysis system through deep learning. Then implement instructions to the intelligent operating system to realize temperature control, intelligent light supplementation, intelligent watering and fertilizer supplementation and spraying, and complete the automation of the planting process.

"Yunyang Data" AIoT Crop Solution

It is reported that taking an initial investment of RMB 1.5 million in a greenhouse covering an area of ​​10,000 square meters as an example, the purchase of a complete set of Internet of Things equipment requires 100,000 to 150,000, accounting for 5-10% of the total investment, and the labor cost can be saved. The accumulated value is 50,000 yuan, and the value-added income obtained by increasing output is about 100,000 yuan. Through intensive and intelligent fertilization and pesticide application, planting costs can be saved by 50,000 yuan. According to this calculation, with this crop solution, the initial equipment investment cost can be recovered after one year of operation. It not only greatly liberates manpower and improves efficiency, but also improves the quality of crops.

The core team members of Yunyang Data" all have a solid background in software and hardware, agronomy, and market management. Founder and CEO Zhao Hongqi is an EMBA from Guanghua College of Peking University. He was a senior engineer at Huawei and has decades of work experience in the field of cloud computing and big data. The core team consists of doctors in agriculture, algorithm experts, and agricultural experts.

In 2014, the concept of "smart agriculture" was proposed. Smart agriculture is the use of modern computer technology and Internet means and platforms to quantitatively simulate, process and make decisions to realize the intelligence, digitization and informationization of the whole process of crop production, production, supply and marketing. It is the main direction of my country's future agricultural development.

According to Tou Leopard's research statistics, the scale of the smart agriculture industry is expected to continue to expand to 133.19 billion yuan in 2023. Among the four major applications of smart agricultural production, data platform services are the most widely used, accounting for 41.50%. UAV plant protection ranks second, accounting for 34.35%. At present, there are many startup companies in smart agriculture that cut in from different subdivisions. For example, to fly anti-cuts of plant protection Mai Feike technology , farmland housekeeper; to agricultural autopilot and Telematics data service cut into large Borch linkage , and data services platform cut into the number of river science and technology and so on.

In the face of fierce market competition, the current round of financing from "Yunyang Data" will be used to optimize the R&D team and consolidate the market team, continue to increase investment in R&D to build a stronger moat; establish its own professional sales team to strengthen Expand the market to achieve a healthy profit model.

"Yunyang Data" has launched a new round of financing plan. The funds will mainly be used to establish county-level planting model operating system experimental bases, build county-level digital agriculture demonstration projects, and build informatization and data-based agricultural ecology; and use county-level demonstration bases As a basis, gradually explore the supply of high-quality agricultural products.

CEO Hongqi Zhao revealed to us that in the future, we will continue to expand our business and enhance our patent research and development capabilities, and strive to enter the capital market as soon as possible.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

The world's largest liquid-cooled data center creates the most technological double 11 in history

 Commercial AI and basic technological innovation will be applied on a large scale in 2020 Double 11.

On November 3, at the Alibaba Double 11 Technical Communication Conference, Alibaba Group Chief Technology Officer Cheng Li announced the top ten cutting-edge technologies that will be used on a large scale for 2020 Double 11, including the official logistics robot Xiaomandu, and support for 214 Real-time translation of live broadcasts in multiple languages, a liquid-cooled data center that saves 70 million kilowatt-hours of electricity a year, and a fully cloud-native Ali core system...both native business innovation based on digital technology, and basic technological breakthroughs that lead the times. 2020 Double 11 will become the most technologically-content double 11 in history.

Among the top ten cutting-edge technologies, commercial AI has gone deep into production, shopping and consumption, and logistics and distribution, making Double 11 this year become intelligent. In the manufacturing process, "Industrial Vision AI" has been launched in many textile and garment factories, which can automatically complete the quality inspection of the entire production process of raw materials, grey fabrics, finished fabrics, and ready-to-wear garments, down to defects as small as one-tenth of the diameter of a hair. Both can be accurately identified, the identification accuracy rate is more than 90%, far exceeding the human level, the efficiency is greatly increased by 5 times, and the double 11 production and manufacturing speed is promoted.

In the shopping and consumption link, Ali realized the world’s first multi-language “live real-time translation”, without fear of the noisy environment, non-standard accents, and colloquial language styles in e-commerce live broadcasts. Alibaba AI translates Chinese e-commerce live broadcasts into real-time Multiple foreign languages, up to 214 languages ​​are supported, helping users worldwide to overcome language barriers.

In the logistics and distribution link, the "logistics robot Xiaomanlu", who was born less than two months old, officially started business, leading 22 logistics robots into the Zijingang campus of Zhejiang University and undertaking the door-to-door service of more than 30,000 packages from the Cainiao Station of Zhejiang University. As a result, Zhejiang University has become the first university in the world to deliver goods exclusively by robots, and robots have become a reality to take over logistics.

In addition, "virtual anchors" replace real people in Taobao live broadcast rooms, can listen to talk, dance, and Rap. "Ali Voice Robot " allows tens of millions of viewers to interact with the anchor in real time, 20 times faster than Siri. "Accessible shopping technology" helps visually impaired people to shop with their ears, and the accuracy of image information recognition exceeds 99%. Alibaba has also built a "cognitive intelligence engine", including the world's largest e-commerce knowledge map of over 2 billion products. Technology creates new business forms, and Double 11 has become a big stage for large-scale application of new technologies.

In addition to commercial AI, basic technological innovations are also being applied on a large scale during Double 11 2020. Alibaba's core system is fully cloud-native this year, making Double 11 this year the world's largest cloud-native practice. According to reports, cloud native can greatly improve resource utilization efficiency and delivery efficiency. In the past four years, the cost of the Double 11 transaction system has dropped by 80%, and the efficiency of R&D, operation and maintenance has increased by more than 10% on average.

In terms of cloud infrastructure supporting Double 11, Black Technology’s “liquid-cooled data center” was launched on a large scale this year. The world’s largest liquid-cooled data center, Alibaba Cloud Hangzhou Data Center, will face Double 11, with servers immersed in special coolant for heat dissipation. There is no need for air-conditioning or fans throughout the whole process, and the overall energy saving is over 70%, which can save 70 million kWh of electricity a year. The "Operation and Maintenance Robot Skyscanner" officially launched the data center, which can automatically inspect and handle failures. The data center is about to enter the unattended era.

Apple may reuse Touch ID; WeChat red envelope cover can be customized; Nike China plans to lay off nearly 20%


Haidilao has applied for multiple trademarks such as "Pool Bottom Fishing" and "Seabed Fishing".

big company

iPhone may reuse Touch ID, but not the physical home button

According to media reports, Apple put Touch ID back on the agenda. The latest patent shows that Apple can re-add Touch ID to the iPhone by using infrared light and penetrating display imaging technology without reintroducing the physical Home button, and the accuracy will be greatly improved. (Sina Finance)

WeChat red envelope cover upgrade can be customized

On November 4, the WeChat red envelope cover public account issued a document stating that the red envelope cover open platform will be further upgraded, and individuals can also customize it. It is mentioned in the article that after the upgrade, the personal customization function of the red envelope cover will be open to some high-quality individual creators, and individual creators who meet the conditions can customize the personalized red envelope cover. The cover story can display video number works and supports more jump capabilities. Pricing and minimum thresholds have also been lowered. In addition, the team also stated that the above adjustments will be officially released in late November, and the specific release details shall prevail. (Quick Technology)

Haidilao applied for trademarks such as "Pool Bottom Fishing", "Three Every Bottom Handwork", "Seabed Pickup" and other trademarks

Krypton 36 was informed that eye in the sky to search App shows recently, Ltd. Sichuan restaurant Harbor fishing added a number of trademark information, including the "bottom fishing", "channel bottom fishing", "clear bottom fishing '' on sea fishing" "Harbor pick up" "Three hands-on work" and so on. In August of this year, "Haidilao" sued "Hedi Lao" for trademark infringement. Tianxin District People's Court after the filing August 1, 2019, according to the law applicable to simple and easy procedure , public court session. On August 12, the People's Court of Tianxin District, Changsha City rejected the plaintiff's claim of Haidilao in the first instance, and held that Haidilao did not infringe the trademark rights of Haidilao.

Ant Group: It is not possible to return all application funds at once

36 Krypton was informed that Ant Group announced at noon that the first batch of returns was related to the rejection of all or part of the applications, and the suspension of H-share listing occurred after the start of the refund arrangements for the applicants who should receive the first batch of returns Yes, the company cannot return all the application funds at once. The company also believes that it is not in the interest of the applicant to withdraw the refund arrangement and return the application monies at a later date. Therefore, the refund of shares will be made in two batches as previously described.

Continue to promote digital transformation, Nike Greater China will lay off 400 employees

36 Krypton learned that Nike China plans to lay off nearly 20% of its overall staff of about 400 people. It will be carried out in phases. The first phase began last week, with Beijing and Guangzhou regional offices as the main area. The Shanghai headquarters will not be affected temporarily. The internal organizational structure of the group Also adjusted simultaneously, and many executives may leave. According to Nike had announced in July layoffs, layoffs of the total cost of most high up to $ 250 million, as of May, Nike has 75,000 employees worldwide, has been reduced by 1,600 over last year. CEO John Donahoe said that the main reason for the global layoffs is that Nike continues to "accelerate Consumer Direct Acceleration." By adding to the digital business, Nike will shift its sales focus to online platforms, thus reducing the number of employees in physical stores.

Volkswagen launches two electric cars for the first time in China

According to Reuters, on Tuesday, Volkswagen launched two ID.4 electric sports utility vehicles ID.4 CROZZ and ID.4X for the first time in China. This marks that Volkswagen has begun to vigorously enter the Chinese electric car market and compete. (Pinwan)

Beijing Mobike Technology Co., Ltd. established a new company in Shantou with business scope including e-commerce services, etc.

36 Krypton learned that the Tianyan Check App showed that on November 3, Shantou Hanqi Technology Co., Ltd. was established. The company has a registered capital of 1 million RMB and its legal representative is Li Yang. The company's business scope includes corporate management consulting, logistics information consulting, e-commerce information consulting; e-commerce services; property management; freight forwarding; supply chain management; shared bicycle services, etc. The company is 100% owned by Beijing Mobike Technology Co., Ltd.

Bytedance: 10,000 people will be recruited a year ago, and the total number of employees will exceed 100,000

36Kr learned that Bytedance has recruited nearly 30,000 employees in China this year and plans to open another 10,000 jobs before the end of the year. After the recruitment is completed, the total number of employees of Bytedance will exceed 100,000. At the beginning of March this year, Bytedance said that by the end of this year, its global employees will grow from 60,000 to 100,000. According to the above recruitment situation, only the number of new employees by Bytedance in China this year has been able to help achieve this goal.

Douban responded "Do not show all the short comments": mainly for the anti-water forces

Recently, Douban Movies does not show all short comment topics fermented on the Internet. The official website shows that only part of the short comments are displayed in the short comment area, which is screened by the algorithm based on factors such as time and popularity, and displayed randomly. Short comments that are not related to the film or contain personal attacks before the film is released will be collapsed, and their scores will not be counted in Douban scores. Some netizens questioned this mechanism, believing that it may affect the neutrality and impartiality of the score. In this regard, Douban Movies officials responded yesterday, saying that this move was mainly for the anti-water forces. (Sina Finance)

The number of Douyin enterprise accounts exceeds 5 million

36 Krypton learned that, according to Douyin, Douyin currently has 600 million daily active users, and users who use more than 30 minutes accounted for 35% of the time. Since last year, the number of Douyin corporate accounts has increased from 1 million to 5 million, with 29 Four industries and 295 sub-industries choose Douyin enterprise accounts; the content of enterprise accounts can be viewed 20 billion times a day; on average, one enterprise account video can bring 18 business opportunities.

Investment and Financing

Environmental protection and water industry Internet platform ``Eruidi'' received a new round of financing from Byte

36 Krypton learned that Ericsson, an Internet platform for environmental protection and water industry, has received a new round of financing, led by ByteDance, followed by Baidu Ventures, and Ebai Capital as the exclusive financial advisor. Ericsson previously received two rounds of investment from Baidu Venture Capital and Fortune Venture Capital. Ericsson's founder Wu Qifeng said that the current product has become mature and has established many benchmark customers in the industry. This round of financing will be mainly used to accelerate market expansion and expand market share.

Guofeng Culture e-commerce platform ``Wanwu Dezhi'' completes 80 million US dollars in Series C financing

36 Krypton learned that Guofeng Culture e-commerce platform " Wanwu Dezhi " has recently completed 80 million US dollars in Series C financing. This round of financing was jointly led by Huaxing New Economy Fund and Source Code Capital. GGV Jiyuan Capital and Zhongyuan Capital participated in the investment , Gaohu Capital acted as financial advisor. According to reports, this round of financing funds will be mainly used for a new round of strategic upgrade of the platform, to further improve the construction of the user service system, and to strengthen the recruitment and training of talents. It is reported that Wanwu Dezhi " was established in November 2018, and the APP was launched in March 2019. "Wanting Dezhi" screens high-quality merchants and currently covers 77 subdivided national style categories in 8 categories, including jade jewelry, wooden carvings, and tea and wine tonic.

Home micro appliance brand "Jiguang" received tens of millions of yuan in Series A financing

36 Krypton learned that Jiguang, a home appliance brand, has completed a new round of tens of millions of yuan in Series A financing, with the capital of Fosun Ruizheng. This is also the second round of financing that Jiguang has harvested in 2020. Prior to this, Jiguang had received a round of strategic financing of nearly 10 million yuan at the beginning of the year. The capital was Jiu'an Medical and Shangshi Capital. According to reports, this round of financing will be used for new product development and a new round of marketing activities.

New product

Hema hot pot is on sale at Hema and nationwide

36 Krypton learned that the Hema bulletin board WeChat public account announced on the 4th that Hema hot pot was officially launched in Hema and nationwide. The price is about 50% off the hot pot restaurant. Hema said Hema hot pot has been launched. unlimited.

Alibaba Cloud Netdisk was launched on Apple App Store and was renamed "Alibaba Cloud Disk"

Alibaba Cloud Netdisk, which was removed from the Apple App Store shortly before it, has been relisted and renamed "Alibaba Cloud Disk." Although Alibaba Cloud Web Disk has been relisted in the App Store, it still uses the invitation method to register and log in. (Webmaster’s Home)

Oppo launches another 5G cheap machine K7x, retail price 1499 yuan

According to Engadget China Edition news on the 4th, Oppo has launched another 5G affordable machine K7x. In terms of specifications, the K7x is equipped with a MediaTek Dimensity 720 processor and a 6.5-inch FHD+LCD screen (covered with Gorilla Glass 3) and refresh rate. And the touch sampling rate reached 90Hz and 180Hz respectively. Pre-sale of new products is now open, with a retail price of 1499 yuan. (interface)

LG officially launched the mask-style PuriCare wearable air purifier

LG officially launched the mask-type PuriCare wearable air purifier, which is a PuriCare wearable air purifier device designed to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is reported that PuriCare uses the same two sets of H13 HEPA as LG air purifiers The filter element can prevent 99.95% of viruses and bacteria from contacting the wearer's nose and mouth through the air. The product is currently being introduced to major markets in Asia and the Middle East. (CnBeta)

PuriCare mask type air purifier

Today's view

Yang Yuanqing: Lenovo orders more than ever, next year global PC sales will exceed 300 million units

Lenovo Group Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing said that last quarter's turnover growth hit a new high, but there are still millions of computers, tablets, and mobile phones that cannot be supplied. If they can be supplied, they will have better performance. Now we are also facing this situation. Orders are unprecedented, but performance is not mainly determined by orders, but on the supply side. He predicts that PC sales this year will be between 290 million and 295 million. It is entirely possible that it will increase by another 5% next year to more than 300 million. (Tencent first line)

ABB Shanghai Robotics Factory of the Future project will be put into operation as early as the end of next year

Liang Rui, vice president of ABB Group and head of the China area of ​​the robot business department, revealed that the Shanghai Robot Future Factory project is currently progressing as planned. He said that according to the current schedule, the plant may be put into use as early as the end of December next year, and the annual production capacity will reach 100,000 units. "It may also be put into operation in January the following year. But as a project of this size, the outbreak of this year's epidemic has not affected the plan we set, and the impact is basically negligible." ( CBN )

Cansino: Beware of criminals counterfeiting Cansino Biotech Co., Ltd. to engage in illegal securities activities

36 Krypton learned that Cansino issued a statement. Recently, the company received emails and telephone consultations about the "Cansino Private Equity Release Announcement" and other similar matters. It was discovered that criminals had faked the name of the company and used the new crown vaccine as bait to engage in illegal securities activities. The company has reported the case to the relevant public security organs. The company will pursue any illegal activities in the name of the company through legal means; the company’s equity is set up in accordance with laws and regulations, and there is no “private equity”. Investors are requested to pay attention. Don't trust the above false information to prevent unnecessary economic losses.

Other important news

China announced 10 import trade promotion innovation demonstration zones, Shanghai Hongqiao, Yiwu, etc. were selected

During the second CIIE last year, China proposed to cultivate a number of import trade promotion innovation demonstration zones, and now this commitment has been implemented. On the 4th, China announced a list of 10 demonstration zones, including Shanghai Hongqiao Business District, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, and Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province. These demonstration zones will promote more convenient imports and continue to expand in scale. (The country is a through train)

To prepare for the "unmanned subway", the Shenzhen Metro fully automatic operation test center started

On the morning of November 4th, the Shenzhen Metro fully automatic operation test center officially started, marking Shenzhen, the "city on rail", fully moving towards the era of intelligent urban rail. The test center under construction this time will be built next to the test line of Shenzhen Metro's Shenyun Depot. It is scheduled to be put into use in June 2021, with a construction area of ​​approximately 4,200 square meters. After completion, it will support the completion of the highest-level GoA4 fully automatic operation line for Shenzhen Metro. (Securities Times)

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